The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

February 12, 2021

Illustration of man working from home

This past December, editors at The New York Times set up what that they called a Primal Scream Line. They invited readers, working mothers in particular, to call the hotline and leave a message, venting and anonymously voicing their frustrations with parenting and working through a pandemic.

You can hear some of these messages by checking out the NYT’s recent mixed-media report at the top of our list of must-read articles below. The messages are often funny, sometimes heartbreaking, and unflinchingly honest. 

“I wish I had the energy to scream,” says one mother. “All my energy just goes into getting through every day, until I can go to sleep. I have three kids, all in virtual schools since March, and work full time. And it just feels like failing, every day, at everything I do.”

The report also notes that 4,637,000 payroll jobs have been lost to women in the United States since the pandemic began. This reality places recruiters and talent professionals in a vital role to help working mothers reenter the workforce or find an opportunity with a better work-life balance.

Not sure where to start? Further down our list, you’ll also find an article from Harvard Business Review that outlines first steps, including weeding out employment gap biases, implementing clear processes toward building diverse candidate slates, and providing women with reskilling opportunities.

Here are the must-read articles for this week:

1. America’s Mothers Are in Crisis (The New York Times)

2. The World Is Going Green. That Means a Skill Transformation for Workers Everywhere (LinkedIn)

3. How to Write Recruiting Emails People Will Actually Open (ERE)

4. What Startup Founders Are Saying on Creating Sustainable Work Cultures (Fast Company)

5. 5 Ways to Bring Women Back into the Post-Pandemic Workforce (Harvard Business Review)

6. How Salesforce Built an Effective Internal Recruiting Program Using These 5 Pillars (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

7. Employees Working from Home Are Logging More Hours Than Before: Report (CTV News)

8. Another Remote-Work Year Looms as Office-Reopening Plans Are Delayed (The Wall Street Journal)

9. Defensiveness Is Derailing Efforts to Fix Workplace Discrimination (TLNT)

10. 5 Inventive Meeting Formats to Encourage More Diverse Discussions (Fast Company)

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