The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

March 5, 2021

Illustration of woman reading on phone

In a recent Fast Company article, Amy Mosher, chief people officer at isolved, emphasizes that reskilling and upskilling are increasingly important to workers. “In 2020,” she writes, “employees wanted yoga, more all-hands calls and, yes, to bake some sourdough bread. In 2021, employees demand to learn and grow — or they will go.”

Learn more about this shift by checking out Amy’s piece at the top of our list of must-read articles below. She also outlines other areas where employee expectations are changing even as the pandemic continues, including a more streamlined employee experience, a focus on more than just physical wellness, and a guarantee of fair treatment by managers whether workers have a desk in a corporate office or at their home.

Further down our list, you can also find out why tech recruiters are offering managers the chance to never see the inside of an office again; how intersectionality should be a part of your hiring strategy; why shorter days could be the key to flexible work arrangements; and why overflowing email inboxes are another “cautionary tale of what goes wrong when new tools yield superficial convenience, but are poorly matched with fundamental human nature.”

Here are the must-read articles for this week:

1. Employee Expectations Are Changing. Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Up (Fast Company)

2. Tech’s New Executive Perk: Working from Home Forever (Bloomberg)

3. The Jobs the Pandemic May Devastate (The New York Times)

4. How My Intersectionality Informed a Winning Hiring Strategy (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

5. Finding Fluidity: Hiring for a Skills-Based Culture (ERE)

6. Forget the 4-Day Workweek. How About the 5-Hour Workday? (Fast Company)

7. How the Pandemic Has Changed HR Internships (SHRM)

8. Is It Time to Widen Your Job Hunt? Women Say Yes; Men Say Not Yet (LinkedIn)

9. Pay Cuts, Taxes, Child Care: What Another Year of Remote Work Will Look Like (The Wall Street Journal)

10. E-mail Is Making Us Miserable (The New Yorker)

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