The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

April 2, 2021

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They say a good company culture starts with top executives leading by example and demonstrating the business’s values themselves. At Cambium Networks, an international wireless technology company, CEO Atul Bhatnagar has taken that advice to heart. Once every month, he chats with his employees’ children (including middle-school kids, college students, and all ages in between) over videoconference, providing advice on subjects ranging from dealing with online bullies and managing your time to choosing a college major and getting enough exercise.

A father of five himself, Atul told The Wall Street Journal that “the boundaries between work and life have vanished, so leaders must do a better job of acknowledging the realities parents face at home. If executives can offer helpful wisdom or serve as an additional sounding board … they should do so.”

You can learn more about Atul’s video chats by checking out the top spot on our list below of must-read articles for talent professionals. And further down the list, you can also learn why one well-known consulting firm is taking a looser approach to when its employees start and finish their workdays; how businesses with deep pockets are retaining Generation Z employees with extravagant perks; and which company is hiring what might be the world’s first chief TikTok officer.

Here are the must-read articles for this week:

1. This Tech CEO Dishes Out Life Advice to His Employees’ Children (The Wall Street Journal)

2. PwC Says Start When You Like, Leave When You Like (BBC News)

3. Interview with an Employee at a Majority-Autistic Company (Ask A Manager)

4. Sourcing Requires Momentum (Recruiting Daily)

5. New Zealand Approves Paid Leave After Miscarriage (The New York Times)

6. Your Company’s Pay Gap Is About More Than Money (Harvard Business Review)

7. Wall Street Firms Are Giving Young Gen-Z Bankers Peloton Bikes, Five-Figure Bonuses, and Salary Increases to Keep Them Happy, Motivated, and Working (Forbes)

8. 3 Key Insights on the Future of Work from LinkedIn’s Virtual Event (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

9. A Year into Remote Work, No One Knows When to Stop Working Anymore (The Wall Street Journal)

10. Nerf Is Hiring a Chief TikTok Officer (Adweek)

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