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There are all sorts of things that LinkedIn Recruiter can do to make your life easier, so have a look around, find a topic that interests you, and enjoy learning about LinkedIn.
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Tip #1 - Saved Search Alerts

You do so much for others. It’s time to have something work for you. Set up automated alerts when new people match your search criteria and Recruiter will source whilst you sleep. 

Tip #2 - Custom Search Filters

Use custom filters to create searches that matter to YOU. For example, search only in specific countries; for graduates of a shortlist of schools where you recruit; a combination of the above; and so on. Once you’ve set up your Custom Filters, they’ll be available for ongoing use.

Tip #3 - Smart To Do Lists

Some people are born with the organized gene, and some people aren’t, but one thing we know for sure is successfully managing your talent pipeline is key to your success. After all, not every great candidate you find will be ready to move, and nurturing that candidate by leveraging ‘Smart to do lists’ is a great way of keeping on top of things.

Tip #4 - Talent Pipeline Filters

It’s frustrating when you’ve put in a significant amount of work to find the ideal candidate, and the job is either put on hold, or the candidate decides the job isn’t right for them. But that hard work doesn’t have to go to waste. Use “people with” and “status” filters to narrow your search to those members already in your pipeline.