5 Ways to Stand Out as a Recruiting Professional

"Good artists copy, great artists steal" – Steve Jobs

The top recruiters today aren't really all 100% HR. They have stolen great ideas from different functions to become new age talent acquisition professionals. They are part artist, part marketer, part head hunter, and part analytics ninja.

This new breed has embodied a different kind of thinking and is disrupting the way talent acquisition is practiced.

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1. Think of careers and not job descriptions:

Top recruiters never present job descriptions to candidates. They borrow the ability to inspire from great leaders. They make jobs look like career opportunities. Get inspired by your leaders, they can bring passion and conviction to photocopying as well.

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The LinkedIn differentiator: A career page on LinkedIn to talk about opportunities and not just jobs.

2. Be a marketer – the ability to promote across channels
You need to market your opportunity. Why are you better? What differentiates you from competitors? Why should candidates consider you? Translate this in all your communication to prospective talent out there.

The LinkedIn differentiator:  Promote your employer brand by sharing content on your career page.

3. Always be prospecting
Have you interacted with a sales head? They view everyone as a potential customer or a referral engine. Top recruiters look at all interactions as an extension of recruiting. They're crystal clear about the canvas of opportunities available. This fuels their ability to “always be recruiting”.
(Here's some inspiration from the cult film “Glengarry Glen Ross” – can't find someone from the sales team to inspire you? Watch the movie)

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The LinkedIn differentiator: Talent Pipeline to plan for the future

4. Your current employees are your brand ambassador
Each current employee who is passionate about what he’s doing is a potential employer brand ambassador. Are you creating a social platform where they can express themselves? Top recruiters leverage current employees as brand ambassadors.

The LinkedIn differentiator: Recruitment Ads to use your employees to source talent from their professional network.

5. Data scientists
Top recruiters never flinch when you talk to them about performance metrics. They work with the passion of a data scientist to transform numbers into sensible statistics and implementable insights.

The LinkedIn differentiator: Talent Brand Index to gauge how you rank against competition.

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