5 quick ways Small businesses can attract top quality talent

Small businesses have great advantages when it comes to attracting top quality talent.

You didn't read it wrong.

Let's see some of the advantages:

  • Small businesses always work harder at making their shops worth working for
  • Everybody is part of the leadership team / executive committee
  • They can tailor make profiles to suit a candidate’s experience and specific skill sets

We've identified 5 quick ways small businesses can attract top quality talent:

    1. Set up your company page for success

You need relevant and engaging updates on your company page. Top talent is driven by a work culture that supports their progressive professional personas. Does your culture match up? Flaunt it.

Here’s how you can set your business up for success with LinkedIn Company pages.

LinkedIn Company pages

    2. Engage in LinkedIn groups today

Are you aware of industry groups your prospective talent is most likely to frequent? If it doesn’t exist, start one. If such groups already exist, join up and start by engaging on these groups. Is there a topic you can comment on? Is there a topic or discussion you can start? Get started today

Click here to learn from the top 25 most socially engaged companies.

Before we go ahead, take a couple of minutes to browse through the Ultimate Small Business Hiring Toolbox.

The Ultimate Hiring Tool Box

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    3. Activate your network

Networking is your key to success. If you don’t have a large network on LinkedIn, build it by getting introduced to top talent that is already connected to people on your network. Use the "get introduced" feature to kick start such conversations.

    4. Activate employee referrals

In a small business, existing talent is your best asset. Encourage them to advocate your employer brand. Offer creative perks to promote genuine referrals.

    5. Offer unique perks

Unique perks like a pet day care on the premises or rewards for employees who keep up fitness levels are flaunt worthy enough to attract top quality talent.

To know more about sourcing talent on LinkedIn, download the Quick Start Guide.