5 quick steps to add a personality to your job description

Top recruiters don't sell job descriptions. They present career opportunities.

But you have critical vacancies to fill and deadlines to meet. You hardly have time to think about turning your job description around right? Wrong.

Revamping your job descriptions will take you lesser time than weeding out misfits from applicants you didn’t intend to attract in the first place.

Take a piece of paper and cancel out these common barriers:

  • I'm not describing a very niche role
  • I'm not describing a fancy role
  • I don't have the time, words and energy

After the psychological barriers have been crossed, let's get down to work; follow these 7 steps to add personality to your job description:

  1. Clarify the core value
    When your friends/ family asks you, why you enjoy working where you do, what’s your answer? Use that as a starting point to explain why a prospective candidate would jump at the opportunity to work with your company.
  2. Remove all jargons
    If you copy pasted from the line manager’s email request to you, your description is likely to be filled with insiders jargon. Write a neutral description and weed out all internal jargon.
  3. Add 'A day in the life of…..'
    Interview a peer team member about his/her typical (good) day at work. Use that to describe what will a typical day will look like for the person who gets hired in the role.
  4. Make it conversational
    A simple way to do this is to address the candidate in first person. Add the words "you" and "your" wherever possible.
  5. Add whitespace
    Once you have given reducing your word count the best possible shot, try to add more white space to the final document. In no time you will create white space that makes your job descriptions an alluring read.

Here's an example of a good job description

  • Job Description

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