5 myths about being a Modern Recruiter clarified

Every traditional recruiter has the potential to be a successful modern recruiter.

At LinkedIn Talent solutions, our interactions with recruiting industry leaders have helped us identify many common myths about being a modern recruiter.

Here are 7 myths clarified so that nothing stops you from succeeding as a modern recruiter:

Myth 1: You need to pay an expert for a dazzling professional profile

You just need to dedicate two hours to spruce up your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn's equation for a dazzling profile:
Killer opening + rich media + certifications + volunteer activities + interactive updates =
A dazzling new profile

Myth 2 :You need to be extremely tech savvy

Do you know how to use a smart phone, a laptop and the Internet to have interesting conversations and make connections? Congratulations! You’re as tech savvy as you need to be!

Myth 3 : You need access to sourcing secrets

If you are serious about transforming your recruitment process and practice, you have industry experts to guide you.

LinkedIn's equation for being a sourcing ninja:

Smart talent pool + Smart search + InMail + Talent Pipeline + Analytics = Sourcing success
The Talent Sourcing Quick Start guide
can provide you some starting tips.

Myth 4 :You need to hold an MBA

A modern recruiter invests in his own personal development. He/she borrows from various disciplines but she may not be from B-School. Try signing up for webinars, newsletters and following blogs to stay up to date.

  • Artist or Scientist?

Myth 5: You need to already have a vast network

Modern recruiters are not born with a huge network of people. More often they don’t shy away from initiating contact, reaching out and building their networks from scratch.

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