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Why create your presense on LinkedIn?

Branding is a vital part of any business, as it is what distinguishes you from competitors. Every organization needs to carve out its own professional identity and reputation because this is what directly impacts talent acquisition. And your employer brand is as important as your company brand Here’s how you can get started with LinkedIn, because a company can never invest enough in developing its brand!

Create a Company Page

Your company identity is key to your online success, because the brand you create will be assessed by potential partners, clients and resources. Showcase your company and create an attractive brand identity!

Start with these simple steps:

  • Put up an attractive banner that conveys your corporate identity
  • Encourage your employees to be on LinkedIn
  • Now let the world know about your company! Share company news, product updates, new announcements
  • Get your CEO to blog and post on LinkedIn

Invest in a Career Page

Once you have established your corporate identity, you can also go one-step ahead and invest in a Career page which is the central hub of your employer brand. This is where you can talk about your employee value proposition, engage candidates and once they start following you they are your virtual talent pipeline.

Leverage your employees as brand ambassadors

The number one activity on LinkedIn is viewing profiles of other people. This means that when potential talent out there is viewing profiles of your employees, it is a great chance to pull them towards your employer brand. Let your employees source candidates for you!

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Get Executive support

Make sure that your management team and CEO are on board with your investments in employer branding initiatives.  Get their buy-in and and make them a part of your vision.