How Saudi Investment Bank has slashed recruitment costs, increased followers and decreased time to hire using LinkedIn

  • “LinkedIn is the no. 1 tool used by professionals today. It has helped us find quality talent and cut down the expenses of recruitment – and we’ve been very successful at this.”
    Bandar Al-Raihan Senior Human Resources Manager (SAIB)


  • 40% savings on recruitment costs per year

    40% savings on recruitment costs per year

  • Time to hire reduced to 2 month on average

    Time to hire reduced to 2 month on average

  • 112% increase in followers in under 4 months

    112% increase in followers in under 4 months


Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) is the fastest-growing bank in Saudi Arabia and ranks among the world’s top 1000 banks. Based in Riyadh, the bank has 48 branches and 11 ladies branches located throughout the Kingdom, with more than 1400 employees.

The Goal

SAIB as an employer of choice

The Saudi Investment Bank aims to become the preferred financial institution for professionals in Saudi Arabia, and to attract quality talent globally.

Creating a working environment and identity that distinguishes them as an employer of choice is part of this vision. In fact, SAIB won the ‘Great Place to Work Award’ in 2014, and Bandar Al-Raihan, Senior Human Resources Manager at SAIB, has revolutionized the bank’s recruiting strategy and its positioning amongst potential talent.


The Challenge


Attracting top candidates

In Saudi Arabia, competition for senior managers is extremely high, particularly in the financial industry.

One of the biggest challenges facing SAIB is to find and attract talented employees. “To reach top talent before the competition does is a huge factor of our success and this is exactly why LinkedIn is very important to us.”




The Solution

Building a strong employer brand on LinkedIn

SAIB launched a “Work With Us” campaign that engaged candidates as they interacted with SAIB employees on their LinkedIn profiles. This campaign performed at 13x the industry average, driving professional  candidates across the LinkedIn network to visit SAIB’s Career Page and further helping position SAIB as an employer of choice.
“We want to create a healthy working environment that attracts top talent, and LinkedIn is the main tool we use to do this”, Al-Raihan explained.

“We have an active presence on LinkedIn and our Career page allows us to get in touch with people, share our success stories and increase brand awareness in the market”
Bandar Al-Raihan Senior Human Resources Manager (SAIB)

A commitment to success

"During this year alone I have saved over 40% from our budget just from capitalizing on LinkedIn and reducing our recruitment expenses overall", said Al-Raihan, Senior Human Resources Manager, Saudi Investment Bank.


With results such as these, the bank's top level management didn't need to be convinced to sign a 3-year contract with LinkedIn. "When I returned to Saudi from the USA, a regular LinkedIn user myself, it was not easy to convince management to adopt LinkedIn since it was relevtively unknown in the region. But in the last 2 years LinkedIn has become the number one source for professionals so my job is much easier" said Al-Raihan. "I have never been disappointed with LinkedIn and this 3-year contract shows the level of our commitment".