As Senior Director of HR at LinkedIn, Johanna Jackman has been part of the recruiting revolution. And as an HR specialist, knows only too well how hard juggling recruitment, employee, business and a personal life can be.

While managing outstanding talent and hiring new people she must partner closely with the business to help the company grow.

To thrive as a modern recruiter, Johanna says you must be curious, fearless and transparent, but how do you build the relationships you need while still managing your multiple roles?

Watch our webinar to discover Johanna’s top tips on simplifying your life and achieving your recruitment goals, including:

  • The need for daily buffer zones and clear priorities
  • Why it’s essential to build strong relationships with the business
  • How knowledge of the talent pool can help you source the best talent
  • How social recruitment will help simplify your day.

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Snapshot of our Conversation with Johanna Jackman

Johanna Jackman, Senior Director of HR at LinkedIn, shares how she juggles her priorities, her team and her day – and to learn her top 3 tips to becoming a talent magnet.