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Advanced search helps you pinpoint the best candidates from the entire LinkedIn talent pool. InMail allows you contact them directly.

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Don’t wait for candidates to come to you. The LinkedIn Jobs Network uses advanced matching algorithms to place your jobs in front of the candidates you want, including the vast amount of passive talent not actively searching for a job. They may be the perfect candidate for that open req you’ve had a hard time filling.


Showcase your company

Help clients and candidates connect with your business by creating a Career Page. With job placements, rich content and more, it's the best way to encourage engagement.

  • Brian Perry's Picture
    “I literally used LinkedIn Recruiter for one week and had a 300% return on investment.”
    Brian Perry Founder and Owner at The Strider Group
  • Karen Rager-Takeda's Picture
    "The LinkedIn Recruiter platform has taken our company from making 10 to 15 placements a year to over 30 placements."
    Karen Rager-Takeda President, Rager Resources Group