Jumeirah Group’s recruitment team hires for every management position - from assistant manager and above – including high-growth food and beverage roles, specialized positions like spa manager, and higher-level roles such as vice president and CXOs.

In response, Jumeirah Group redesigned its careers website and enhanced its social media outreach, beginning the strategic relationship with LinkedIn in 2011.

Check out the full video to find out how Jumeirah has leveraged LinkedIn to find passive candidates at a global scale.

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Key Highlights

LinkedIn finds passive talent for specialized positions amongst Jumeirah Group’s 54K LinkedIn followers, fifth-highest followed company page in the Hospitality sector.

Jumeirah Group’s LinkedIn Career Page serves as a content hub for the company to showcase its employer brand and attract international and local talent, receiving 65K online applications in 2 years, and continuing momentum with 10K monthly online applications.

LinkedIn constantly provides Jumeirah Group with solid metrics to support the company’s recruitment results in terms of quality of hire, time to hire and cost per hire.