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Find the right candidates faster. Advanced Search helps you pinpoint the best candidates from the entire LinkedIn talent pool, while InMail allows you to contact them directly, with response rates as high as 60%.

Target your jobs

  • 50% of job applications come in through the Recommended Jobs panel.
  • 80% of LinkedIn users are passive talent open to the right opportunity.
  • Passive Candidates are 17% less likely to need skill development opportunities.

Showcase your company

Help candidates connect with your business by creating
a Career Page they can follow.

With targeted updates, job placements, rich content and more, it's the best way to encourage engagement.

  • Jill Duthie's Picture
    “LinkedIn has given us the breadth of candidates to be able to generate some quality hires, to do really good market research and to demonstrate credibility and our ability to deliver top talent for all the roles we work on.”
    Jill Duthie Head of Direct Sourcing, UK & Royal Bank of Scotland
  • <br>Eric P. Yaeger's Picture
    "LinkedIn Recruiter is flat out the best sourcing/networking/recruiting tool period. I can't imagine doing my job without it!"

    Eric P. Yaeger
    Sr. Technical Recruiter, Microsoft