Keep focus on both the forest and the trees

Sometimes you just need to zoom out. To focus on the bigger picture rather than the fine details. What’s happening overall in the field of recruitment. And how can you put this helicopter view to use in your daily work?

One thing is for sure. As a recruiter or HR professional, you need a clear view of both the forest and the trees. Download Recruiting Trends 2016 to see the bigger picture and the practical details.

Talent on the horizon

26% of the recruitment professionals we surveyed in the Nordic region said that pipelining is the top priority for their organization in 2016.

In December, we’ll be looking at how you can grow and manage your talent pipelines.

Download Recruiting Trends 2016

Quality of hire
The magic metric

23% of professionals surveyed responded that improving the quality of hire is a top priority for the year ahead.

In January, we’ll be digging deeper into quality of hire. How do you measure it? Why is it so critical? And how can you improve it?

Download Recruiting Trends 2016

Employer branding
A shared responsibility

43% of our survey respondents in the Nordics believe that recruitment professionals contribute to and share responsibility for employer branding.

In February, we’ll be back to look at what recruitment professionals can do to support and build an employer brand.

Download Recruiting Trends 2016

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