Are candidates lining up to meet you?

When you’re recruiting top talent, your reputation as an employer is a key factor. Do candidates think you’re hot? Or not? You can boost your talent brand by sharing the right content with your followers — to make sure they choose you when the time comes. 

Talent Brand

Your talent brand is the highly social, public version of your employer brand. It incorporates what talent thinks, feels, and shares about your company as a place to work. 

And a strong talent brand helps you attract top talent. 

Talent Brand

Content Marketing

The content you choose to share — and how you share it — says a lot about your company. Strong content marketing is: 


Don’t think of sleek commercials and glossy brochures. The best content is informational, not promotional. It blends in with a candidate’s daily information streams. 


What you share should be interesting and add value for your target audience. It shouldn’t be a one-way conversation about your brand. 


Your content should match the tone and spirit of your company culture. Off-brand content is worse than no content at all.

Content Marketing


Followers need something to follow. Your content should keep them updated and engaged with relevant, targeted information.

Status Updates

Share information to engage with your personal connections and your company’s followers.

Sponsored Updates & Career Pages

Sharing with your own networks is a start, but you’ll need to reach further to find new followers.

LinkedIn Groups

It’s important to join the conversations they’re already having, to demonstrate the engagement you’re looking for.


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