How one recruiter is placing people worldwide
thanks to the power of direct contact.

“We now have access to everyone on Earth! And loads of InMails to contact them with.”
Ross McMahon Owner and Director, Aim Hire Global


Aim Hire Global is a boutique recruitment company based in Teddington, south west London. It specialises in recruitment within the service management industry, with a particular focus on multinational technology firms.

Their goal

To reach out to specialist candidates all over the world.

Aim Hire is a specialist recruitment firm, working for a number of clients in a niche sector. They have to find the best candidates with rare skillsets, so engaging with a global audience to find candidates from across the world is essential.

Its mission is loud and clear: “To do the best job we can, as quickly as we can at the best value we can, to never be beaten, to make no excuses and to deliver what we say.”

Their solution

A global presence and the ability to talk to everyone is essential.

Ross McMahon, Owner of Aim Hire, explains how it operated before using LinkedIn Talent Solutions: “We didn’t have enough scope to really blanket-cover our hard-to-fill jobs.” Ross and his team needed to find candidates with the particular skills the service management industry demands, and find them quickly. With more than 364 million members in over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn offered the perfect solution.

Quantity is one thing, but they also needed to narrow it down to the most relevant candidates and be able to make direct, reliable contact with them. Problem solved: LinkedIn Talent Solutions now helps Aim Hire to find the candidates it’s looking for and, with unlimited access to the LinkedIn database, make direct contact with them before anyone else does. It’s a competitive market but LinkedIn gives them the edge. “Direct contact is the killer app!” says Ross.

Their success

Global reach in a niche market

“At last count we were filling around 70% of all our requirements using LinkedIn Talent Solutions”. LinkedIn has been their best tool for resourcing – being able to make direct contact with members on LinkedIn has allowed it to place people successfully all over the globe, and is a key ingredient in its sourcing and recruitment strategy.

Increased ROI

“All other products are useless in comparison. It’s an invaluable tool that delivers results, and has allowed us to shift focus away from CV trawling to much more reactive recruitment.” As Ross clearly states, Aim Hire is one of many companies finding the ROI from LinkedIn Talent Solutions overshadows any other product on the market.

Creating a global presence online

Having a presence on LinkedIn gives potential clients confidence in Aim Hire. “Companies that have heard about us then checked us out on LinkedIn to ensure we are what we say we are.”

Using LinkedIn’s status updates and connections, Aim Hire has attracted nearly 2000 Followers, building its brand online and, of course, globally. It has amassed a database of over 5000 consultants across Europe, putting it in a strong position to service its niche client base.

Aim Hire Global’s best practice tips

  • 1. Don’t be a slouch.

    1. Don’t be a slouch.

    “Don’t be a slouch, don’t be overly serious and absolutely don’t be boring!” Ross’s secret to keeping clients loyal and standing out from the competition is simply to keep on “delivering every time”.


  • 2. Be honest

    2. Be honest

    “The important attributes are honesty, honesty, and honesty.” Be open, be honest – it helps with good client relations, but it also helps you stay engaging.


  • 3. Be fun

    3. Be fun

    “Be chatty, be funny, be fun, be engaging.” The trick is to know when to be serious and when to be fun. Remember, you’re dealing with fellow human beings.