Martinsen Mayer opened its doors in June of 2013 as a specialist recruitment agency focusing on technology, IT, legal risk & compliance, sales, digital and marketing/languages.

Their goal

Make a big splash in the IT recruitment market.

To get things off and running as a startup, Martinsen Mayer needed to not only establish their brand, but also create relationships with the best talent in the IT space.

CEO Mouna Kenzaoui recognised that placing the most qualified people in the technology sector means employing the most powerful technology to find them. She looked to LinkedIn for the tools to make that happen.

Their solution

Vision. Clarity. Foresight.

Martinsen Mayer focused on their future in a number of different ways:

  • The company dropped most of its job boards in favour of LinkedIn Recruiter, saving them €10K from one contract alone.
  • Insightful posts helped increase reach to the right audience on both the client and candidate sides. Kenzaoui: “Branding has been massively helpful, and the analytics tab is great. We got over 8,000 impressions on a single status update.”
  • CEO Mouna Kenzaoui raised her own profile through LinkedIn, attracting candidates and clients to the company.

Their success

Connections that Make a Difference

  • Martinsen Mayer landed two big placements totaling €20K and a found a potential client through a status update. “When we started, we had no candidates. Now we have an entire database,” noted Kenzaoui.
  • 70% of the company’s business development is done through LinkedIn, including contracts with Survey Monkey and Southwestern/Qantas.
  • LinkedIn has proven to be an invaluable engagement tool. Kenzaoui: “LinkedIn has by far the highest level of ROI. The level of engagement we achieve using their tools is incredibly good.”

Building Momentum

The results speak for themselves. Just over a year after starting the company, Mouna Kenzaoui was named Network Ireland’s “Business Woman of the Year.” Martinsen Mayer was able to share this award and interact with both potential candidates and clients through LinkedIn.

The company was also placed on the “Newcomer of the Year” shortlist, establishing them as a major player in the recruitment market.

With the landscape of the recruitment market changing, LinkedIn has helped Martinsen Mayer stand out at the forefront of the industry. Kenzaoui: “Passive candidates now account for 70-80% of our income. Social media has completely changed everything, and nothing can beat the relationship we have created with LinkedIn.”

Martinsen Mayer’s best practice tips

  • 1. Know that less can be more.

    1. Know that less can be more.

    By dropping several other recruitment tools and relying heavily on LinkedIn, Martinsen Mayer employees enjoy a more focused approach.

  • 2. Have something to say.

    2. Have something to say.

    Posts must be valuable to your followers. Martinsen Mayer has built a powerful online brand presence with this in mind – attracting clients and candidates.

  • 3. Build relationships.

    3. Build relationships.

    Reach out directly to an individual client or candidate through social. Some of Martinsen Mayer’s most important relationships started this way.