"Proactive recruitment drives Nestle's business forward."

Ben Clark, Corporate Head of Resourcing, Nestlé

Innovation through recruitment

Nestlé operates in a highly competitive and dynamic business environment. Staying ahead of the game calls for innovation — especially when you’re looking to fill more than 30,000 positions each year.

How does Nestlé take talent acquisition to a new level?
Let’s hear what the stakeholders have to say.

Nestlé at a glance

Nestlé is the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, committed to enhancing people's lives by offering tastier and healthier food and beverage choices at all stages of life and at all times of the day.

Headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, around 339,000 employees worldwide, operations in more than 197 countries and over 2000 brands. With almost 30,000 job openings annually — and a real need for local expertise — recruitment needs to constantly re-invent itself.

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“We’re on an exciting journey — connecting market recruiting activities and leveraging our combined strengths."

Together with the local recruitment teams, Ben is always on the lookout for best practice and successful methods of sourcing top talent.

This kind of collaborative effort gives local recruiters room to innovate, while focusing on their own unique local needs, which can vary considerably. By creating a community of colleagues worldwide, Nestlé promotes an ongoing exchange of new ideas.

There’s a new mindset at Nestlé — proactive recruitment

As Nestlé grows 4,2% p.a. it continuously faces a need for talent. With around 30,000 job openings annually, it is increasingly difficult to hire the very best. The international nature of their operation calls for outstanding talent that can fit the highly specific needs of Nestlé’s local markets. To better match the diversity of their customers, the recruiters at Nestlé also aim to create a more diverse workforce. Their business moves at pace, so it becomes increasingly important to find talent quickly.

So Nestlé has introduced a new approach: proactive recruitment. The aim is to connect sourcing activity with forecasted business needs. Proactive recruitment could also elevate the profession of the recruiter from cost center to center of excellence.

This new approach can keep the company ahead of the game, but their recruiters also have to be willing to get down to basics and focus, starting with the business.

So recruiters at Nestlé need to make it their job to know what’s going on in their company. The latest challenges, opportunities, who is leaving where (and when), new skills needed, ways to could support the teams and other key insights to drive connections with the business and talent strategy.

Proactive recruitment calls for good data analysis, asking hiring managers tough questions and working closely with business managers. By deeply understanding the current situation, recruiters can forecast better—and have the best candidates lined up and ready when needed.

This new approach also extends to the candidates. Nestlé recruiters have started learning more about their top candidates and their needs. Keeping in touch with warm candidates is a must. By building on engagement, recruiters know when the time is ripe for change, if the candidate is willing to move for the new job and other essential information.

Proactive recruitment is successful

  • Improved recruiter skills with +200hrs LinkedIn training across Nestlé’s global recruitment.

  • Diversity in new hires has increased 111% at Nestlé Purina USA.

  • Nestlé Malaysia experiences 0% first year turnover in entry level hires.

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