5 Steps to Creating Best-In-Class LinkedIn Career Pages

Our research shows companies with a strong talent brand see up to a 50% decrease in cost per hire and up to a 28% decrease in employee churn.

  Below are some best practices on building strong LinkedIn Career Pages that will impact your talent brand. We’ll highlight 5 companies – big and small – that are doing an excellent job with their Career Pages. 

1. Use visuals and banners showcasing your employees and distinct company culture traits

Magna International uses crisp, clear images to promote their talent brand.

The images give visitors insight into the wide variety of professions at Magna; inviting members to view a real-life glimpse into a day in the life of their employees. Magna ensures a visual uniformity between both their LinkedIn Career Page and their company career site.     

How can you apply this:   
Choose an enticing banner that represents the spirit of your company and features real people. For instance, include images of your employees working, volunteering or having fun on the job. And don’t forget to keep it consistent with your company’s own page!

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2. Be succinct in order to keep the viewer interested

Xactly Corp has done a great job at being punchy and to-the-point about what they want to promote about their company.

How you can apply this:    
Keep it short and sweet!  Remember that passive candidates don’t want to spend hours searching -- they want clear information about what makes your company unique and relevant to them. If they can’t get the idea in 30 seconds or less, take another look. 

  • xactly-team

3. Use multimedia elements like videos, photos, SlideShare decks

Volusion clearly understands the value of providing interactive content to help candidates learn more about their company’s culture. They used SlideShare to showcase pictures from different team building and cultural activities across the company. 

They also promote their success, such as their feature as one of “Austin’s Best Places to Work.”   

How you can apply this:   
Take some casual snapshots at your next offsite, company picnic, or team event. Upload onto SlideShare and embed on your Career Pages and beyond. Don’t be afraid to get creative; even film your next event with a handheld camera and share on YouTube!

  • volusion

4. Let your employees share their experiences

Ritchie Bros. understands that their employees are their strongest asset. Leveraging your employees as ambassadors in the “featured employees” section is a more personal and more impactful way to communicate what’s special about your organization.

How can you apply this:  
Identify a few different employees that exemplify your company’s culture and values. Consider profiling someone who has seen great upward success – for instance, perhaps they started as an intern and rose through the ranks quickly. Have them tell their story, in their own words, of why they love working at your company.  
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5. Customize and target your messages to different audience

Don’t underestimate the value of providing visitors personalized content based on their background. Sun Life Financial understands that what drives and motivates an experienced professional is completely different than what inspires a new graduate. 

They’ve used Gold Career Pages to show dynamic content, depending on the background of who is visiting the page. The first example is what a new graduate will see, and the example below is what a working professional will experience when visiting the Sun Life Financial page.

How you can apply this: Promote what matters most to candidates; allow your content to dynamically change to speak to individual visitors. Showcase local cultural norms relating to your different office locations. Create custom views for diverse functions and experience levels. Make every member feel as if you’re speaking directly to them.
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