Unlock the Power of Personalization:

How LinkedIn Customizes our Career Page

When building out a LinkedIn Career Page, we consider the full range of what they’ve told us on their profile – their history, skills, interests, and groups they belong to. This allows us to provide each visitor with an experience personalized to what they are looking for.

Historically, LinkedIn has offered multiple Career Page options. The standard Career Page has a single view available, which would be the default view any visitor would see. However, a Targeted Career Page offers 5 to 30 additional views that allow employers to put extra investment into their highest priority positions and roles that need additional exposure. 

This allows us (and our clients!) to go above and beyond to get across what it’s really like to work in that particular role or region. This is especially valuable for an organization like LinkedIn, with hard to recruit positions, a diverse set of functions, and a large global presence.    At LinkedIn, we practice what we preach, and we use our Career Page to better appeal to our key target audiences. Below, we outline three examples of our many different personalized Career Page views:  

1) Engineering 

Engineering is a major focus for talent acquisition at LinkedIn. As an area with lots of competition, especially in the Bay Area where our headquarters are located, we need to set ourselves apart!
  • On this page, the top image, headline and videos are tailored specifically to appeal to engineering talent and focused around the theme of “Build.” Visitors are encouraged to check out the LinkedIn Engineering blog. 
  • Our employee videos feature employee testimonials and examples of why LinkedIn is a great place for engineering talent. We also reference the variety of interesting and challenging problems our engineers tackle. 
  • To tie it all together, the jobs that are showcased here will be the engineering and software development specific titles.

2) Students and recent grads

A candidate just starting out their career has a totally different perspective than one who has been in the job market for decades. For students and recent grads, we have a unique offering catered to college and university graduates.
  • Our tagline highlights “work with purpose,” and “career transformation” to connect with the millennial desire for a meaningful career. 
  • The videos feature unique LinkedIn events, such as intern hackdays, to give students a sense of the dynamic and fun workplace culture.  
  • We let our employees speak for us – recent grads tell their story of starting their careers at LinkedIn and what their path to success has been. 

3) Global – Brazil

When designing our Career Pages, we can’t just think about the U.S. market where our headquarters is located. Brazil is one of our fastest growing office locations, and we are investing to establish our talent brand in that country. 
  • Perhaps most importantly, we’ve written the majority of content on the page in Portuguese. This is a great opportunity to involve the staff in local offices in the development of your Career Page. 
  • The images and videos were chosen to highlight the unique culture of the local offices, and to make the experience more personalized and relevant to a candidate in Brazil. A “Day in the Life” video of what it’s like to work in that office can be an especially useful addition in this section. 
  • We included our Brazil-specific Twitter handle (@LinkedInBrasil) to encourage candidates to dig deeper into what’s happening with LinkedIn in that country.