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Access our network of 690+ million members strong, with both active and passive professionals.

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Get your job in front of relevant candidates with personalized targeting based off of billions of data points.

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Review and prioritize candidates, share profiles with your team, and quickly reach out with direct messaging.

    *Indeed data (worldwide)

of unique monthly LinkedIn visitors aren’t on traditional job boards.


Source: ComScore February 2020

of unique monthly LinkedIn visitors don’t visit Indeed and 94% don’t visit Glassdoor.


Source: ComScore February 2020

  • Access to 690+ million members. Our community comes to LinkedIn every day to discover opportunities and build their careers. 
  • Reach passive and active members. LinkedIn targets and recommends all candidates who are right for your role and company.
  • Connect with a wide range of talent. There are 80M frontline and hourly workers in almost every industry on the network.
  • Get data-driven targeting. Get your job in front of the right people using data from jobs, companies, and members on LinkedIn.
  • Get in-depth targeting. Target relevant people based on affinity data and qualifications — not just demographics and search history.
  • Get multi-channel targeting. Reach candidates via job search results, emails, the LinkedIn newsfeed, and mobile push notifications.
  • Find qualified applicants fast. Quickly see which people meet your needs with screening questions and skills assessments.
  • Collaborate with your team. Share candidate profiles for review with easy-to-use applicant management tools. 
  • Review and contact candidates. Rate your favorite candidates, and reach out with direct messaging to start a conversation.
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  • Promote your job. After you post your free job, you can choose to set a daily budget to promote it. 
  • Easily edit your budget. Your post will automatically pause when you’ve reached your total budget. 
  • Always pay market rate. Dynamic pricing is based on the role you’re hiring for, so you don’t pay a marked-up fixed fee.
  • Chat live. Get help from our support team while posting your job.
  • Access our Help Center. Our robust database of 100+ searchable articles lets you find answers fast.
  • Submit a ticket. Our support team will reply in less than 24 hours.