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Broadcast Schedule – Thursday 13 November

  • 1:00PM GMT - 1:05PM GMT

    Stream Opens

  • 1:05PM GMT - 1:20PM GMT


  • 1:20PM GMT - 1:55PM GMT

    LinkedIn's latest initiatives and vision for the future

  • 1:55PM GMT - 2:40PM GMT

    Beauty, Madeleines, Inspiration, The White and the Wheat: Scaling Talent Eco-Systems

  • 2:40PM GMT - 3:30PM GMT

    Art & Science of Digital Connections

  • 3:30PM GMT - 4:20PM GMT

    Inside the Pressure Cauldron: Transform Your Approach To Talent By Leveraging Transparency and Data

  • 4:20PM GMT - 4:55PM GMT

    How employees win the hearts of future talent

  • 4:55PM GMT - 5:35PM GMT

    Closing Keynote

  • 5:35PM GMT - 5:45PM GMT

    Event Closing

  • 5:45PM GMT -

    Event Closing