Gain access to new talent

There were over 21 million applications to USAJobs in 2015, but the federal workforce is aging, lacking access to necessary talent pools and skills, and in need of future leaders.

After making your public announcement, where do you find the most qualified candidates? How do you make smart, data-driven decisions? With LinkedIn, agencies have access to over 124M US professionals, and the tools to recruit them.

LinkedIn also offers access to in-demand talent pools, including students and recent graduates – LinkedIn’s fastest-growing population – and professionals with hard-to-find skills like cybersecurity, engineering, and healthcare.


Connect with talent strategically and automatically

Government agencies have unique challenges in sourcing talent, and LinkedIn can help you find the talent you need, strategically and automatically, even beyond your network.

Our sourcing, talent brand development and personalized job-targeting tools are embedded with metrics and analytics to help you measure your efforts and return on investment.

Make sound, data-driven decisions

LinkedIn can help federal recruiters make data-driven decisions about who and how to hire.

Our robust reporting and data analytics tools help target certain populations to make sure personnel decisions meet guidelines and mandates such as those from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Government-Wide Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, among others.


Learn the rules of the road: Use social media strategically, permissibly and responsibly within federal regulations

We understand that there are varying degrees of social media use across federal agencies. Some agencies are active, and some are less so, unsure of what is permissible in online engagement.

Working together to establish a “dos and don’ts” of using social media in government, the Partnership for Public Service (PPS) and LinkedIn established these guidelines, based on interviews with both government leadership and social media/HR professionals at various agencies and in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations.

Be sure to check out pages 7-10 for tips on simultaneously promoting your agency while engaging new talent.

Review the guidelines

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Contracting options

LinkedIn products are available through the GSA Schedule and NASA SEWP/Carahsoft. Talk with a representative to find the products that are right for you.

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