Engage with LinkedIn through a single click

LinkedIn helps expand your reach and credibility, raising awareness and appreciation of your agency’s mission. It’s easy to incorporate LinkedIn into your engagement strategy. Most social media management tools have native LinkedIn integration, that make it simple to turn on LinkedIn as a channel and communicate immediately with a vastly larger network.

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Claim your Company Page

What we call the Company Page is what you can consider your agency page. These pages help you raise awareness of your mission, promote career opportunities, and connect with your target audience on LinkedIn.

Does your agency have a Company Page? If not, claim it, then use that page to champion your agency’s brand.

Augment your agency voice

Your LinkedIn Company Page offers you another way to build and develop relationships with interest groups, stakeholders, influencers and decision makers. Use it to build a network of ambassadors who amplify your message.

Get started with this guide

For the ins and outs of creating a social strategy by attracting followers and posting updates via your Company Page:


Learn the rules of the road: Use social media strategically, permissibly and responsibly within federal regulations

We understand that there are varying degrees of social media use across federal agencies. Some agencies are active, and some are less so, unsure of what is permissible in online engagement.

Working together to establish a “dos and don’ts” of using social media in government, the Partnership for Public Service (PPS) and LinkedIn established these guidelines, based on interviews with both government leadership and social media/HR professionals at various agencies and in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations.

Review the guidelines

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