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Now you can reach LinkedIn members in the feed built for professionals. Discover how LinkedIn Sponsored Updates can drive results for your business.

Deliver relevant content with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

The world’s only professional feed is at the heart of the LinkedIn experience. It’s where our members go for relevant insights to help them be great at what they do. Want to keep your content on target? Put it in the feed.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • Raise awareness and shape perception

    Raise awareness and shape perception

    LinkedIn Sponsored Updates provide a native solution for rapidly increasing awareness and shaping the perception of your brand, products, and services.

  • Drive quality leads<br/><br/>

    Drive quality leads

    Generate quality leads by sharing insights that professionals seek. Watch that content spread via
    the peer sharing that occurs
    naturally on LinkedIn.

  • Build relationships with the world's professionals

    Build relationships with the world's professionals

    Publish your content with Sponsored Updates to create value and establish trust that sparks ongoing conversations and deeper customer relationships.

Personalize and test your content
to improve performance with
Direct Sponsored Content

With Direct Sponsored Content, you can reach your target audience directly in the feed without publishing on your Company Page.

  • Personalize your message to specific audiences
  • Test variations of your content
  • Control what gets published on your Company Page

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  • Get started

    Learn how to get started with Sponsored Updates today.

  • Target your updates

    In just a few clicks, you'll be reaching your target audience on LinkedIn.

  • Set campaign options

    Set your bid, budget, campaign duration, and other options to meet your goals.

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How it works: The complete guide for your marketing team

Sponsored Updates - How it works guide

Boost the results of your campaigns by teaming up with a LinkedIn Certified Sponsored Updates Partner

Optimize your campaigns using technology built for power users, or team up with an expert campaign strategist who can manage your campaigns for you. Save time and allocate budget more efficiently by using a single interface to manage all your native advertising.

Join these leading companies using Sponsored Updates

  • "We have seen very high quality leads coming in from our Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn. Not only can we target the audience we want to, we can promote our best performing content, getting even more out of this marketing solution."
    Mike Volpe's Image
    Mike Volpe CMO, Hubspot
  • "The Sponsored Update initiative has enabled us to extend our reach as we implement a content strategy that works to reposition Xerox. Early results have been positive, as we’ve achieved strong engagement and have continued to build our overall presence within LinkedIn."
    Jason Bartlett's Image
    Jason Bartlett Vice President, Global Social Marketing, Xerox
  • "As an organization focused on innovation, Lenovo is constantly pioneering new ideas and experimenting within marketing. The results to date have been very encouraging and we look forward to seeing more innovative products from LinkedIn."
    Hui-E Seeto's Image
    Hui-E Seeto Senior Marketing Manager, REL & SMB, Lenovo
  • "At American Express OPEN, we focus on developing relationships with small business owners to help them grow. With Sponsored Updates, we’re sharing highly relevant content with the small business owners we want to reach and deepening valuable relationships."
    Scott Roen's Image
    Scott Roen Vice President Digital, American Express