Thought leadership 2.0 delivers for Sage

Balancing engagement with lead generation

April 16, 2015

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Sage has put social media and LinkedIn at the heart of its approach to doing business: from HR to social sellingand building awareness and credibility through content. Taking a proactive approach has helped to turn internal experts into external thought leaders, and leveraging LinkedIn to capture data more effectively has transformed lead generation.

The challenge

  • Produce and distribute thought leadership content for IT decision-makers
  • Generate awareness at the top of the funnel
  • Optimise data capture to turn thought-leadership into leads without compromising on engagement
  • Balance a cohesive social media strategy with the need for localised content

The solution

  • Posting long-form content on LinkedIn
  • Targeted reach through Sponsored Updates
  • Personalised page feeds and language preference targeting to address regional markets through a single Company Page
  • Instant form-fills leveraging LinkedIn member profiles for more effective data capture

Why LinkedIn?

  • The platform where IT decision-makers turn for insight to guide purchase decisions
  • Natural social media partner across talent, sales and marketing 
  • World’s largest professional publishing platform


  • Powerful engagement for executive thought-leadership, with up to 6,000 views per 24 hours
  • Data capture rates through LinkedIn far exceed all other Sage marketing channels

Finding the thought leaders within

Like many businesses, Sage had executives with original, compelling perspectives on industry issues that could form the basis of effective thought-leadership content. What it needed was a process to get these time-poor leaders posting regularly – and a credible platform that could put their ideas in front of IT decision-makers. By interviewing potential thought leaders and turning their comments into blog posts, they unlocked a regular flow of content – and posting long-form blogs on LinkedIn helped to put it in front of the right audience. Sponsored Updates then enabled Sage to extend the reach of its top-performing content further still.

Balancing engagement with lead generation

One of the thorniest challenges for IT marketers is maintaining engagement with content whilst still capturing the data needed for lead generation. Leveraging LinkedIn member data to enable instant form filling provided Sage with a solution. “It avoids people having to fill in the fields manually,” explains Xavier Monty. “They just click the option to Connect with LinkedIn. They have to spend less time thinking about questions, and we found the engagement rates when we offered this option far exceeded those on any other of our channels.”

Key client quote:

“For me the key lesson of our success on LinkedIn is that it pays to focus on the quality of the leads that your marketing is generating. If you are running traditional email campaigns, you shoot an email blast at the entire database, but when you look at the end of the pipe things don’t add up. When all of your leads are good, high-quality leads you gain huge savings and your whole approach becomes more efficient.”

Xavier Monty, Social Media Strategy Leader, Sage