B2B Dinner for Five: the first course

Sit back and enjoy a very different kind of B2B thought leadership

April 11, 2017


How would you like your B2B marketing thought leadership served? If you’ve had your fill of webinars, PowerPoint decks, white papers and talking head videos, then fear not – we have something a lot more tasty and tempting to offer you. Welcome to the B2B Dinner for Five. It's a unique piece of video content where B2B thought leaders share the views and stories they’d never reveal in your standard interview.

We’ve shamelessly stolen the concept of the B2B Dinner for Five from Jon Favreau, the creator of Swingers, who came up with the idea as a way to get Hollywood A-listers to let down their guard down. The same format works brilliantly for B2B marketing thought leadership.

For the first ever episode of the B2B Dinner for Five, I got to sit down with four A-list B2B marketing thinkers: Doug Kessler, Creative Director and Co-founder of Velocity Partners; Adobe Marketing Director John Watton; Contently’s General Manager for the UK and Europe, Rebecca Allen; and Jessica Gioglio.

It was a great evening – and far too much good conversation to fit into a single video clip, or a single blog post – so like all good, long dinners we’ve divided our launch episode into three courses. And each of those courses has plenty of delicious B2B marketing thinking to choose from. Run your eye over the menu below, click play on the different clips, and sit back and enjoy:


Does asking what kids want to be when they grow up make any sense any more? After all, they’re the ones who are going to be inventing new jobs – and disrupting your business model in the process. Our dinner guests discuss how they fell into B2B – and what marketing has in common with the movie, Insurgent.

Finding your voice:

We take a bite out of the question of trust in B2B marketing, getting the balance right between brand and content, why it pays to slow down as a content marketer, and whether The Rock or Con Air is the best Nic Cage movie.


Why content marketers need to distinguish between stories and anecdotes – and work out how to use both of them.

Hungry for more B2B Dinner for Five? Have no fear, the next course will be on the blog tomorrow – watch this space.