Guess Who’s Buying – Round 2

Don’t get caught out when the tech marketing game changes

June 26, 2020

Guess Who’s Buying – Round 2

Welcome back to Guess Who’s Buying, the B2B tech marketing game with new rules for the era of the Anonymous Buyer.

In our first episode we featured the story of a lead generation marketer looking for a better experience of webcasts – and a cast of colleagues any of which could take on the anonymous buyer role. This time around things are a little different.

We’re joining a software developer with a demanding C-suite and a legacy IT system that makes it difficult to keep internal stakeholders happy. Our hero already has an idea for a solution that could help. However, when tech marketers don’t understand who they’re dealing with, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

In the era of the Anonymous Buyer, it’s tempting to treat any engagement with your business as evidence that you’re dealing with a traditional IT decision-maker – a professional buyer who’s always happy to share their details. The trouble is, anonymous buyers often don’t identify themselves as buyers at all. They’re interested in the experience of using your solutions – not hungry for the experience of talking to sales. And they won’t recommend you if all you’re interested in is grabbing their contact info.

As this story shows, you can’t win at Guess Who’s Buying just by treating everyone like they work in procurement or they’re the Head of IT. Understanding the needs and motivations of anonymous buyers is key to designing the experiences that will land the big prize.

Want to learn the rules of this new B2B tech marketing game? You’ll find them in our new playbook on How to Market to Anonymous Buyers.