What keeps audiences watching? A quick guide to video best practices

Discover the techniques proven to increase view rates in our video guide

September 10, 2018

What keeps audiences watching? A quick guide to video best practices

Which characteristics of video content compel audiences to watch? And which are likely to send them scrolling down the page instead? There’s a lot of opinions flying around about what constitutes best practice for video content – but relatively few of them are based on hard science and data. Our quick video guide uses LinkedIn research, together with insights from existing B2B video campaigns on our platform, to explore the approaches that are proven to work.

In just over a minute, our video will explain the most important do’s and don’ts when it comes to engaging audiences through native video on LinkedIn: the mistakes that undermine credibility and lead to important audiences tuning out, and the creative tactics that will ensure your video stands out and compels them to watch. We’ve even constructed a framework that captures the cadence of the most effective video content, with guidelines on how to use your video’s running time to maximise its impact.

Watch our quick video guide to explore:

  • How sound and picture quality can impact performance
  • The importance of a visual, personal connection
  • Headline and title tactics that are proven to increase clicks and views
  • Why subtitles make a difference
  • The optimum length for video content on LinkedIn – and how to use the time most effectively

You can find more data on proven tactics for B2B video in our Science of Breakthrough B2B Video infographic and explore insights from existing campaigns in 9 things you need to know to get started with video ads on LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, you’ll be able to get full value from your video content for building brand awareness, driving leads and acquiring new customers. Visit linkedin.com/videoads to start planning your campaign and driving growth through native video on LinkedIn.