The Guide to B2B Video that every tech marketer should read

Our new guide shows how any IT marketer can develop compelling and effective video content for each stage of the buyer journey

April 10, 2019

The Guide to B2B Video that every tech marketer should read

Products that are too complicated, information that’s too technical, budgets that are too small… as a B2B tech marketer it’s easy to find a reason why video won’t work for your brand. However, far too many of those reasons are based on myths and received wisdom about online video – or about tech marketing. A lot of this is outdated. Much of it was never true in the first place.

The reality is that it’s not just possible to make video work for B2B tech – it’s essential. The most important members of your buying committee are watching online video – because everyone is watching online video. If they aren’t engaging with your video content then they are most likely engaging with a competitor’s, and that means you’re losing crucial share of voice at crucial stages in the buyer journey.

Our new guide,The Tech Marketer’s Guide to B2B Video, explores how video is already changing B2B tech marketing. It reveals the brands that are earning attention and influence through their video content, and the customer-first approach that can help any IT business develop compelling video for each stage of the funnel.

As a B2B tech marketer, you have an audience that needs to be inspired by what your solutions can do for their business. They need to sense your understanding of the frustrations they face. And they need confidence in the experience of working with your business, and accessing support and information when they need it. Video is the perfect format to help you achieve each of these objectives.

Download your free copy of The Tech Marketer’s Guide to B2B Video and start discovering where video can add value for your marketing strategy. It’s written by tech marketers for tech marketers – and it covers everything you need to know to start planning and executing video more effectively this year:

  • Why myths that B2B tech is too complicated and video too expensive are wrong
  • How an audience-first approach can free you to create concise, compelling content at every stage of your buyer journey
  • The tech brands gaining greatest value from deploying video so far
  • How to humanise your brand, entertain your audience, integrate sales and demonstrate service and values in action
  • The buying and distribution strategies that can maximise ROI for tech video content.

The Tech Marketer’s Guide to B2B Video is your starting point for video that makes a difference without breaking your budget. Download your free copy and start creating video that works for you.