The Sophisticated Marketer’s Quarterly – going where no marketing magazine has gone before

Introducing the magazine for B2B marketers, by B2B marketers – with a little help from rock stars, psychologists, social media gurus and more

September 14, 2017

The Sophisticated Marketer

Any marketer who cares about staying passionate and invigorated knows all about the value of looking at marketing from different perspectives. It’s important to know the skills and crafts of our profession, of course; important to have the specialist marketing knowledge that fuels what we do. However, it’s equally important to shake up how we see ourselves, tap into new sources of inspiration and ideas – and strive to think differently. View our teaser launch version of the magazine below or access the full digital version of The Sophisticated Marketer’s Quarterly here.

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Quarterly is a magazine by B2B marketers, for B2B marketers, and we’ve packed its 72 pages with the types of fresh ideas, alternative viewpoints, advice and creative thinking that we know make for a more fulfilling B2B marketing life.

What other marketing magazine tells the truth about the books that marketers bluff about reading? Calls out the most over-used stock photos in B2B? Takes on the consensus view on vanity metrics or audience attention spans? Takes inspiration from the likes of The Clash, Twisted Sister and notorious movie marketers? What other magazine gives you the advice that will actually make a difference to your day: from boosting the results of underperforming campaigns to building a content marketing strategy based on science, to dealing with that narcissist in your office who’s taking credit for others’ work and poisoning the atmosphere?

You’ll find all of this and more in The Sophisticated Marketer’s Quarterly – and that’s because we’ve introduced as many different perspectives on marketing as we can. There are contributions from Twisted Sister co-founder Jay Jay French, leading psychologist Dr. Jody Foster, content marketing thought-leaders like Ann Handley and Doug Kessler, and digital marketing gurus like GroupM’s Norm Johnston.

We wanted to give B2B marketing the magazine it deserves – and we think we’ve managed it.

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Quarterly is free to explore. You can access a full digital version here.