With a Little Help from My Friends: 60 Amazing Marketers to Celebrate

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with this recreation of the iconic cover art, featuring 60 marketers that rock.

June 27, 2017

Sgt Pepper's 50 Year Anniversary
What would you do if I typed out of tune?
Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your eyes and I’ll write you a blog
I will try not to hit the wrong keys.

Good morning! Good morning! This year, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ classic album, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Though if it was “20 years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play,” I guess it’s the 70th anniversary?

Either way, the Beatles’ masterpiece has never gone out of style. And just as iconic as the music is the cover photo, which features Sergeant Pepper’s crew with a who’s who of famous (and infamous) faces. It’s been paid homage to, remixed, and parodied hundreds of times:

With all the hoopla surrounding the anniversary, I started thinking about a day in the life of an average marketer. Who are the marketers who deserve a spot on my Sergeant Pepper’s cover? Who has the knowhow to help you keep getting better all the time? Who is best at fixing a hole in your skillset? Whose insights permeate within you and without you?

Simply put, who is so great that they’ll still be relevant when I’m sixty-four?

So, with a little help from my friends, I put together this tribute to the people who educate, inspire and challenge me. Some are marketers, some are celebrities, some are rockstars, and many are all three. Check out the picture below, then scroll down for the full list. 

1. Rebecca Allen, General Manager, UK & Europe, Contently

It seems fitting to start the list with a whip-smart marketer from the Beatles’ own Liverpool. From her work at Outbrain to her position at Contently, Rebecca is leading the charge for delivering quality content at scale.

2. James Altucher, author, “Choose Yourself”

James is a creative whirlwind—he’s an author, influencer, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and has the best hair in the business. He dropped some serious knowledge on creativity and ideation on the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast.

3. Jay Baer, President, Convince & Convert

Jay brings genuine empathy and soul to marketing, continually challenging us to know our audiences, face criticism, and keep striving for excellence. If you’ve ever seen him speak, odds are he made you cry a little.

4. Jim Boykin, CEO & Founder, Internet Marketing Ninjas

In our industry, there are more self-proclaimed “ninjas” than in your average kung fu flick. Jim actually deserves the title, though – he’s been rocking internet marketing since the 90’s.

5. Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

Not only is Richard an unbelievably shrewd businessman, he’s a genuinely nice guy and generous with his insights. Check out his articles on LinkedIn for a masterclass in entrepreneurship.

6. Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group

Michael is another tireless advocate for quality content at scale, an engaging keynote speaker, and author of The Content Formula. Check out this no-holds-barred article to see why he’s worth following.

7. Gearoid Buckley, Online Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

One of the best things about my move to the UK is getting to work with a talented new team. Whether you’re planning a content calendar or hammering out your paid strategy, you want Gearoid’s voice in the mix.

8. Sean Callahan, Senior Manager of Content Marketing, LinkedIn

One of my U.S. partners in crime, Sean is currently holding it down on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions NAMER blog. Check out his latest posts on the blog for takeaways from three different marketing events across the globe.

9. Alex Cheeseman, Chief Strategy Officer, Storyful

When it comes to forward-looking social media marketing, the Cheeseman stands alone. Check out our interview with Alex for his insights on content marketing, strategy, and more.

10. Ian Cleary, Founder, RazorSocial

Ian is a master of marketing tools, constantly discovering new ways to make our work more effective and efficient. He’s always learning and always eager to share what he’s learned. Plus, he’s a kickboxer, so he’s a good man to have in your corner.

11. Katie Colbourne, Account Director, The Marketing Practice

Katie gives the B2B world a much-needed shot of energy and personality. She radiates a genuine love for marketing that’s inspiring, and she has the chops to excel at the work she loves.

12. Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder/Strategic Director, OrbitMedia

If you’re interested in measuring and optimizing your marketing (hint: you should be), Andy is the guy to know. Start with this interview on content marketing metrics and strategy.

13. Pam Didner, Senior Marketing Consultant, Relentless Pursuit

My move to the UK threw me into the whirlwind of global content marketing. Pam was one of my guides—she has done amazing work with creating and adapting content all around the world.

14. Bryan Eisenberg, Partner, Eisenberg Holdings, LLC

For all his success in the digital marketing world, Bryan hasn’t become complacent; he’s constantly questioning the status quo, and he’s not afraid to call out problems with the industry. His latest article on data versus empathy is a must-read.

15. Jane Fleming, Digital Marcoms Manager EMEA, LinkedIn

Jane is indispensable on the LinkedIn Marketing team. She’s a driving force for making sure our content gets done, that it’s suitably awesome, and that it reaches its target audience, all the while cranking out killer content for the blog

16. Jay Jay French, Guitarist, Twisted Sister

It’s amazing how much my passions for marketing and rock and roll overlap. Jay Jay is a face-meltingly great guitarist, and is also a genuine marketing genius for his band, Twisted Sister. Check out his insights on our Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast interview.

17. Fiona Gallagher, UK Field Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

Speaking of rock and roll, Fiona is another virtuoso member of the LinkedIn Marketing EMEA supergroup. Sample some of the stellar content she’s putting out on the blog to see why she’s so essential to our team.

18. Oli Gardner, Co-Founder, Unbounce

Marketing doesn’t work unless it converts – the greatest campaign goes down in flames if your landing page sucks. Oli’s a mastermind at creating landing pages that work, and he won’t hesitate to call out where the industry needs improvement.

19. Aoife Garvan, Inbound Marketing Manager EMEA, LinkedIn

There must be something in the water in Ireland that produces talented marketers. Aoife knows modern marketing inside and out, including how it integrates with sales to cross the finish line. (By the way, it’s pronounced “EE-fa.”)

20. Jessica Gioglio, Global Head of Consumer Marketing, Catapult Sports

The next frontier of marketing is all about creating unforgettable customer experiences. Jessica is on the leading edge of the movement – check out her book, The Power of Visual Storytelling, or catch one of her presentations to see what’s up.

21. Megan Golden, Senior Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

I had the privilege of working with Megan on the North American LMS team, and she’s stepped up her game even more since I crossed the Atlantic. Check out her posts on the blog to see just how sharp she is.

22. Kristina Halvorson, CEO & Founder, Brain Traffic

Let’s face it; marketers can get pretty insular and complacent over time. That’s why we need folks like Kristina. At Content Marketing World 2015, she tore through the back-patting and best practices with ferocity and precision.

23. Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Ann is a formidable ally in the war against mediocre content. She believes we can do better, she’s constantly educating her peers, and she personally inspires me to write more compelling stuff. Check out our interview to learn how to create bigger, bolder, braver content.

24. Becky Harmer, Event Manager EMEA, LinkedIn

Without Becky, the LinkedIn brand in the UK wouldn’t be anywhere near as well-known as it is. She makes sure we’re ready to represent at marketing conferences throughout the region.

25. Stephen Hawking, Theoretical Physicist & Author

Why should Stephen Hawking be on a list of people who inspire my marketing? Because he’s the smartest guy in the room, regardless of what room you’re in. I aspire to know as much about marketing as he does about physics—it’s a lofty goal, but you gotta aim high.

26 .Tim Hughes, Co-Founder, Digital Leadership Associates

Tim seems to have an innate understanding of what it takes to get heard in the crowded digital world. His articles on LinkedIn are a masterclass on marketing, influence, and social selling. Plus, he writes about Eddie Van Halen.

27. Mitch Joel, President, Mirum

Anyone with a marketing podcast owes a tip of the hat to Mitch-his Six Pixels of Separation is at 571 episodes and counting. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, don’t miss it: You’ll learn as much as you laugh.

28. Steve Kearns, Content Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team excels at giving advice to other marketers. Steve makes sure we practice what we preach. On his watch, we’ve increased our audience and engagement across social media.

29. Doug Kessler, Creative Director & Co-Founder, Velocity Partners Ltd

Doug is one of the most inspiring B2B marketers I know. Not only is he at the top of the game, he helps other marketers find meaning in their work. Check out The Search for Meaning in B2B Marketing to see what I mean.

30. Catriona Kinnevey, Marketing Operations Manager, LinkedIn

Catriona excels at getting the right message to the right audience. Her knowledge and insight in targeting, segmentation, and automation keeps our team consistently hitting our goals of personalization at scale.

31. Rebecca Lieb, Principal, Conglomotron LLC

Rebecca has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments throughout her career, but the one most meaningful to me is her invention of the “turkey slice” analogy for content repurposing. That innovation is key to our content strategy here at LinkedIn.

32. Marine Lucas, Senior Marketing Manager, LinkedIn  

Marine is in charge of marketing strategy for France, and she does it with savoir faire and a little je ne sais quoi (sorry, that’s all the French I know). If you speak the language, check out her content on the EMEA blog.

33. Nico Lutkins, Director Marketing, EMEA, LinkedIn

Nico is a genius at marketing strategy, and is also a compelling content creator in her own right. Her posts, like this one about marketing wisdom from Tartufa the cat, are warm, funny, and informative.

34. Hugh MacLeod, Co-Founder & Lead Artist, Gapingvoid

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Hugh is pulling double-duty. Not only does he create cool art, he has written thousands of blog posts about marketing, business, and inspiration. Hugh helped create one of the coolest things I’ve done at LinkedIn: Attention Is a Currency.

35. Stacey MacNaught, Search Director, Tecmark UK

When I wanted to interview an SEO expert for the podcast, Stacey was at the top of the search results—so she clearly knows what she’s about. In our interview, she gave a masterclass in SEO, storytelling, and enhancing data with creativity.

36. Jason Miller, Group Manager, Global Content and Social Media Marketing

On a good day, Jason is one of my favourite marketers. He’s not perfect, but he’s grown a lot in the last decade and he’s committed to a continued marketing education. (C’mon, how could I not put myself in this picture?)

37. David Mirshahi, SEA Specialist, Bynder

Pay-per-click and search engine advertising are highly specialized niches in the marketing industry. David’s one of the best in the business. His blog post on generating more leads for Bynder is inspiring.

38. Andrew Monu, Head of Field & Product Marketing, Marketing Solutions EMEA

Andrew is a shrewd marketer and a patient teacher. His blog posts can help you optimize everything from programmatic buying to lead generation.

39. Erika Napolitano, Creator/Writer/Performer, RHW Media

If you’re looking to bring some genuine human personality to marketing, Erika should be first on your call list. She’s creative, brash, and fearless, unafraid to ruffle feathers to get the job done.

40. Christina O’Connor, Associate Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

Christina is a power player on our EMEA team, helping marketers be more effective on LinkedIn while executing awesome and innovative campaigns. Check our her blog posts.

41. Aoife O’Mullane, Account Manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Aoife is just the person you want managing your account—she’s smart, her tech knowledge is up-to-date, and her strategy is on point. Check out her article on the buyer’s journey for proof.

42. Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Marketing

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming the fastest, most effective way to amplify content. Lee and his team have a unique take on the tactic, co-creating content with influencers and building lasting relationships. Our interview last year was absolutely eye-opening.

43. Simon Porter, WW Vice President Sales – Digital HR Services

What’s a sales guy doing on a list of marketers? In the very near future, sales and marketing need to align, even combine, to be more effective. Simon has the know-how and the drive to help get us there.

44. Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute

Few marketers have done more to elevate the profession than the Godfather himself. If you’re doing content marketing, you need Joe’s advice. If you’re not doing content marketing—you should be. Check out his greatest hits to get started.

45. Axl Rose, Lead Singer, Guns ‘n’ Roses

Axl is a savvy marketer, no denying it. His grab for ownership of the Guns ‘n’ Roses brand was brutal but a smart play. More than that, though, Axl is a rock star par excellence, and his swagger inspires a big part of my personal brand.

46. Robert Rose, Founder, The Content Advisory

Joe and Robert are the Page and Plant of content marketing, the original masters that we’re all trying to emulate. Robert’s book, Experiences – The 7th Era of Marketing (co-authored with Carla Johnson), is a roadmap to the future of the industry.

47. Alex Rynne, Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

It was hard to leave the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog when I left for the UK, but knowing Alex was taking the reins made it easier. She’s proved equally adept at running content for LMS and writing her own insightful blog posts.

48. Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

Sheryl is a titan in the social media world, a role model for women in leadership and an inspirational figure for anyone of any gender.

49. Jerry Seinfeld, Comedian

So much of my comedic sensibility, ergo my personality, ergo my brand, comes from Seinfeld. Thanks to his inspiration, the LMS blog is still ranking high for the search term “George Costanza.”

50. Gene Simmons, Rock God, KISS

KISS is my favourite band of all time, and Gene is the perfect example of marrying rock and roll and marketing. The KISS Army is a marketing and merchandising juggernaut. Thanks to Gene, KISS is a brand as much as a band.

51. Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group

Most marketers spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Brian, I’m convinced, actually lives there. If you want to get two steps ahead of the game, read everything he writes. Including his masterful work on Attention Is a Currency.

52. Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive, WPP

Over the past 30 years, Sir Martin turned a small wire and plastic products business into a global marketing and advertising force of nature. Not only is he a brilliant CEO, he’s unafraid to take a stand, as with this article on “foreign workers” after the Brexit vote.

53. David Spark, Founder & VP of Content Marketing, Spark Media Solutions, LLC

If you exhibit at trade shows, David’s book Three Feet from Seven Figures is required reading for optimising your time there. As I found out on the podcast, David is a sharp, funny marketer who doesn’t skimp on sharing what he’s learned.

54. Mary Spio, Chief Visionary & Product Architect at CEEK VR

Mary is a marketer, a technologist, a futurist, and a literal rocket scientist. The work she’s doing in VR is going to change the industry. As a bonus, she helped Megadeth create a VR experience, so she gets extra cool points.

55. Scott Stratten, President, UnMarketing

This gentle Canadian giant is funny as hell, but that’s not why he’s on the list. Scott continually gives the industry a much-needed kick in the pants, pointing out how we fail customers, urging all of us to do better. He’s a lot of things, but he’s never UnInteresting.

56. Harry Wake, Partner – MD EMEA, Colloquial

For content marketing at scale, brands need to start thinking like publishers. Harry is moving the state of the art forward in that space, juggling branding and content duties at three different companies.

57. John Watton, Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing EMEA, Adobe

Speaking of brands thinking like publishers, what Adobe has done with CMO.com is nothing short of astonishing. John Watton is currently driving the ship over there, and he’s continuing the breakthrough work they’re doing.

58. Tamsen Webster, Founder & CEO, Strategic Speaking

If your public speaking skills could use some polish, spend 45 minutes with Tamsen and you’ll turn yawns into applause. She’s an inspiring public speaker in her own right, and my interview with her was a graduate-level course in engaging an audience.

59. Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn

I’m here because of Jeff. You’re reading this because of Jeff. Millions of people have found jobs, advanced their careers, and soaked up knowledge from their mentors because of Jeff. Jeff rules.

60. Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer, BlitzMetrics

Dennis is a content gladiator, pumping out quality social media marketing advice on AdWeek, Social Media Examiner, Social Media Club, and more. He’s an inspiring example of an expert at what they do who isn’t afraid to help others learn and do better.

So that’s it: 60 marketing friends that help me continuously grow and learn as a marketer. Thanks to every single person on this list for their inspiration and advice. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a newspaper taxi (it appeared on the shore) ready to take me away.

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