The Millennials’ Guide to Millennials

Introducing The Millennial Playbook

May 13, 2016

Many of today’s most successful and exciting marketers are millennials – so why does our industry keep discussing this generation as if they’re a mystery? We wondered what would happen if we asked millennial marketers for their personal take on what it means to be a millennial, and their advice for other members of their generation looking to get ahead.

The result is The Millennial Playbook, a unique ebook guide for millennials that also gives marketers of any age a unique perspective on millennials.

As Katherine Lisciani, one of our top millennial marketers, puts it: “I think the topic of millennials spoken about BY MILLENNIALS is underrepresented. I see an abundance of dialogue on millennials, but the majority of it seems to be extremely speculative. Very few reports or articles published about millennials include a firsthand account of the millennial experience and perspective.”

We think she’s right – and The Millennial Playbook is a starting point for helping to fill the gap. Whether you’re a millennial trying to make your way in marketing, a marketer trying to understand what millennials really think, or both, you’ll find a great range of first-hand insight to help.

Download The Millennial Playbook for:

  • Unique perspectives from top millennials in marketing
  • The characteristics of the 87 million millennials on LinkedIn: their careers, roles and influence
  •  Advice for millennials on building their personal brand and advancing their careers
  • An essential guide to the top millennial influencers
  • New research from Carat revealing four distinct millennial segments
  • Tips on how to join the 300,000 millennials publishing long-form content on LinkedIn

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