How Dracula Rocks Sales and Marketing Alignment

Interview with a Vampire: How Dracula Rocks Sales and Marketing Alignment

October 27, 2017

How Dracula Rocks Sales and Marketing Alignment

Way back in the 80s, I was at a Motley Crue show and I saw this guy who clearly didn’t belong there. He had long black hair; he was pale as the grave; and his lips were bright red. I had to go talk to him—there was no way I was missing a chance to meet the Cure’s lead singer, Robert Smith!

Turns out it wasn’t Robert, though. And the red wasn’t lipstick. But that hilarious misunderstanding was the beginning of a lifelong friendship with Count Dracula.

Once a year, usually right around Halloween, Drac sends me an InMail and we go out for a drink (though he never drinks…wine). This year, his message was right on time:

Dearest Jason,

It seems like the years are passing like minutes, doesn’t it? My adorable little Sophie has gone from toddling around the house to ignoring me while she pokes her smartphone. She can’t be photographed, but she’s obsessed with selfies! Kids these days.

I had a particularly monstrous (pun intended! Ha!) marketing problem that I was able to solve this year. Can’t wait to chat!

See you soon,

Dracula, MBA

We agreed to meet at one of my favorite pubs, The Crobar, to catch up. Here’s my chat with the ol’ Impaler himself:

LinkedIn: Good to see you again, Drac! I was surprised to hear you had a “particularly monstrous problem” with your marketing. What was it?

Dracula: Well, ever since I started my Count-Based Marketing strategy, business has been booming. But we started to see a lot of tension between Lou Garou, my sales werewolf, and my head of marketing, Frankenstein.

LinkedIn: Don’t you mean “Frankenstein’s Monster?”

Dracula: I would argue that the true monster is someone who interrupts a story to make a pedantic point.

LinkedIn: Touché. Please continue.

Dracula: Anyway, Lou kept saying Frankenstein’s leads were no good. He said the only useful leads Franky had were the bolts sticking out of his neck! And Franky would just yell, “LEADS GOOD! FOLLOWUP BAD!”

LinkedIn: Sounds pretty harrowing.

Dracula: Oh, yes. They were so interested in blaming each other, they weren’t communicating! And Lou tends to transform when he gets upset, so most of our meetings ended in full-blown werewolf vs. monster grappling matches.

LinkedIn: Okay, that actually sounds pretty awesome.

Dracula: Not when you have to vacuum up all the fur and sew Franky’s arms back on.

LinkedIn: How did you solve the problem?

Dracula: Well, to start with, we needed to agree on the definition of a good lead. I made Franky and Lou sit down and hash it out. Then they had to come up with a shared set of KPIs.

LinkedIn: Makes sense.

Dracula: After that, I had to get Franky to understand that he needs to own the whole buyer’s journey, and not think of there being a “handoff” to sales. Because he’s very literal minded—and his hands do come off, you see.

LinkedIn: Got it.

Dracula: So I encouraged Franky to work with Lou and create content specifically aimed at those who were already leads. Since Lou had input into what content he needed, the content is actually useful to help him close sales.

LinkedIn: What about the relationship after the sale? Is that just Lou’s responsibility?

Dracula: Well, the sales department definitely has a role in nurturing those relationships, for sure. But Franky’s taking a more active approach there, too. He’s making sure our content mix includes content for people who may be potential repeat customers.

LinkedIn: What kind of results have you seen?

Dracula: There are dramatically fewer howling/bellowing sessions, that’s for sure! Franky and Lou now think of themselves as kind of a joint “department of revenue.” They each have special skills, strengths and weaknesses, and they work together on the entire process.

LinkedIn: I’m impressed you were able to change their minds.

Dracula: Well, it’s pretty easy to change Franky’s mind. I just unscrewed the top of his skull and swapped in a few new bits of brain.

LinkedIn: Really?

Dracula: I kid, I kid! Once you get your sales and marketing departments communicating and collaborating, it’s not brain surgery to get them working together.

LinkedIn: And how are your results?

Dracula: They’re better than ever! With Franky helping out on the nurture track, and Lou’s natural charisma, we’re expanding the Vlad Bod movement farther than ever.

LinkedIn: Sounds like they make a really great…power couple!

Dracula: Oh, right, that’s the title of your eBook you just published, isn’t it? How clever of you to work it into the interview.

LinkedIn: Thanks, Drac, and thanks for chatting with me again.

Dracula: Thanks, Jason! I’ll see you soon. For now, I’m headed to Harrod’s to pick up a few trinkets for Sophie. And perhaps one of those new VR headsets for myself – business is good, and Drac be shoppin’.

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