Read these eBooks if you want to sell better on LinkedIn

We’ve written the books on selling better on LinkedIn. If you want to close more deals valuable deals, then start here and more

May 3, 2018

Read these eBooks if you want to sell better on LinkedIn

It’s hard to imagine a modern sales strategy that doesn’t include LinkedIn: for identifying the right prospects, reaching out to them in the most compelling way, and building a personal brand that they will respond to. If you want to close more deals and grow the size of those deals, then selling more effectively on LinkedIn is where you need to start.

That’s why it’s about time somebody wrote the book on how to sell better on LinkedIn. Actually, it’s about time somebody wrote a series of books on how to grow your presence, identify the right prospects, and reach out in the way most likely to start a conversation.

And so that’s what we did.

Our new series of Read Me guides tell you everything you need to know about using LinkedIn for sales. They’re the ultimate instruction manuals for using our platform to hit your quota. And like all the best instruction manuals, they’re concise and to the point. It won’t take you long to read them – and once you do, you’ll sell more effectively on LinkedIn. It’s that simple:

Read me if you want to create an effective sales profile tells you exactly how to build a LinkedIn profile that prospects will find, engage with and respond to.

Read me if you want to target the right prospects on LinkedIn tells you how to find the relevant decision-makers who are empowered to buy from you, and generate warm introductions with a 500% higher success rate.

Read me if you want to improve your InMail response rates on LinkedIn tells you how to drive a 25% hit rate through InMail, and reach out to the right prospects when a referral isn’t available.

That’s it. We’re not going to bombard you with buzzwords. We’re not going to waste your time lecturing you about sales structures or strategies. We’ve created three guides that will simply tell you how to be the best salesperson you can be on LinkedIn. Read them, and we can confidently predict that you’ll connect with more of the right prospects, start more valuable conversations and close more of the right deals, faster.

Click here to download the full series, start reading, and start doing the things that matter, better, on LinkedIn.