Welcome & Opening Remarks

Penry Price, VP, Global Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn


The Financial Change Imperative

Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Barclays UK
Suresh Ramamurthi, Chairman, CBW Bank
Jack Dugan, Global Financial Services Chief Operating Officer, Capgemini
Dan Roth, Executive Editor, LinkedIn
Yolande Piazza, COO, Citi FinTech


With 4,000 new FinTech challengers, and over 30% of revenues at risk, financial brands face a compelling change imperative. Yet, incumbents possess powerful franchises and trusted brands, and today’s customers crave simplicity as much as choice. So, where best for incumbents to focus their investments? And, how can leaders manage the challenge of undertaking operational change while maintaining customer constancy?



The State of the Play: The World FinTech Report 2017 - Key Findings

Bill Sullivan, Head of Global Financial Services Market Intelligence, Capgemini


Reinventing Financial Services: A Banking and Insurance Partnership

Vincent Bastid, CEO, Efma

While Fintechs are at the forefront of innovation in the financial industry, there is a great opportunity for banks and insurers to partner and leverage their expertise to reinvent financial services. Hear about two successful partnerships.




Next Generation Customer Journeys

Alex Sion, Executive Director, Mobile Banking, JPMorgan Chase
Neff Hudson, VP Corporate Development, USAA
Jessi Hempel, Head of Editorial, Backchannel
Kameron Rezai, COO, FutureAdvisor, BlackRock
Daniel Frydman, VP, User Experience and Design, American Express

Building on the keynotes and research findings, this practical session digs deeper into new customer journeys.  What are the most valuable 'Moments of Truth'?  What are the most compelling examples of key stage innovation and what future forces are going to have an impact?




The Social Business Imperative

Clara Shih, CEO, Hearsay
Kristin Lemkau, CMO, JPMorgan Chase

Many firms are active on social media, but not all of them are experiencing transformational change and return on investment. Why do some businesses succeed, while others fail? Join us for a fireside chat on how Social Business has become too important to delegate and why going forward, CEOs, CMOs, management teams, and boards must personally own and drive Social Business strategy and re-architect traditional business models and client engagement strategy.


The Room Where it Happens--How to Apply Innovation within your Organization

Hardeep Walia, CEO and Founder, Motif Investing
Eduardo Vergara, Head of Payments Services and Global Treasury Product Sales, Silicon Valley Bank
Linda Duncombe, CMO, Citi FinTech
Jill Schlesinger, Business Analyst, CBS News
Jeff McMillan, Chief Analytics and Data Officer, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management


As important as the 'what' is the 'how' of innovation.  Our panelists consider the different models and strategies firms have followed from accelerators to acquisitions.  They'll also share first hand-experiences on how leading firms overcome the challenges of navigating innovation.


The Next Chapter- Open Sourcing Finance: How FinTech Firms are Building a Value Web

Chris Skinner, Author, ValueWeb and CEO, The Finanser

There are a number of key developments that are changing our world. One of them, the networking revolution, is a massive shift in finance and service, as money moves from bank to bank into a new, direct value exchange person-to-person (P2P). The P2P exchange of value is driven by the mobile internet and recording of transactions using blockchain technologies. What does this mean for financial institutions and how should they change and adapt to keep pace? Which new companies are developing this new world fastest and which new entrants, if any, should worry incumbent financial institutions? Chris Skinner provides a vision of 2025 and navigates the course for both new entrants and incumbents.