5 Brands Killing It with LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

September 3, 2015

Email marketing has long been a vital component of an effective marketing blend. But as inboxes grow ever more cluttered—and as email programs become better at filtering marketing messages—it can be harder to reach your audience with email alone to start a conversation.

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LinkedIn Sponsored InMail provides a more effective way for businesses to connect with decision makers through relevant, timely and valuable content. Use LinkedIn’s robust targeting to narrow in on the audience who will benefit from engaging with your message. And because InMail is only delivered to members who are actively engaged on the LinkedIn platform, your message will not get lost in the clutter or sit unread. In fact, Sponsored InMail is only sent once every 60 days, both respecting LinkedIn members’ privacy and giving you a unique opportunity to be heard without the clutter.

When you make Sponsored InMail a part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can achieve amazing results. Let these case studies from five diverse brands inspire you to put Sponsored InMail to work for your organization.

  1. Duke University Achieved Impressive Conversion Rates and Shortened Decision Cycles

The Organization: Duke University offers a Cross Continent MBA program, a remote learning solution that enables professionals across the globe to earn an MBA without giving up their jobs.

The Challenge: Duke University struggled to communicate their value proposition through traditional ad formats. Duke needed to identify qualified potential students across the globe, educate them on the Cross Continent MBA program, and encourage email signups to request more information.

How They Did It: Duke deployed a Sponsored InMail campaign targeted to professionals by seniority, geography, and level of education. The InMail explained the flexibility of the Cross Continent MBA program in detail, and included a call-to-action to sign up for more information.

The Results: Duke saw a 400% conversion increase in certain regions. In Russia alone, Duke cut campaign spend in half while generating twice as many leads. In all, Duke’s cost per lead was 10% lower than their other marketing channels. In addition to the increase in conversions and reduction in costs, Duke saw their closure speed increase by 300%, from 18 months to six months.

  1. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Doubled Conference Attendance

The Organization: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sponsors industry-specific conferences known for their networking opportunities and high-value discussions. These conferences showcase the Chamber’s ability to bring together the biggest names and brightest minds in the industries they cover.

The Challenge: The Chamber had the opportunity to move their Annual Aviation Summit to a larger venue, doubling the attendance capacity. But the larger venue left the Chamber scrambling to fill seats with aviation decision makers and executives.

How They Did It: To persuade the influential audience they were targeting, the Chamber needed to send a substantive message that fully expressed the value of attending. Sponsored InMail enabled them to clearly sell the event’s advantages. The Chamber augmented their Sponsored InMail with a Spotlight Ad campaign, which included the LinkedIn member photos of prestigious speakers.

The Results: The Chamber’s campaign drew more than 700 people to the sold-out summit. Attendees praised the quality of networking opportunities at the event, proving the Chamber’s success at attracting the industry’s movers and shakers.

  1. The International Coach Federation Attracted New Members for an Amazing ROI

The Organization: The International Coach Federation (ICF) is an organization for professional coaches in the business world. ICF supports and promotes its members, while seeking to advance the profession and its reputation.

The Challenge: ICF needed to reach new potential members worldwide and communicate the benefits of membership. Members must have a minimum of 60 hours of coaching experience, so they needed to reach a highly specific audience.

How They Did It: ICF ran a blended campaign, including Sponsored InMail messages sent to pre-screened prospective members. They supported Sponsored InMail with Sponsored Updates to provide more information about membership, and Display Ads featuring influential members.

The Results: ICF gained 1,899 new members, nearly meeting their annual membership goal with just one campaign. The combined revenue of the membership fees represented an ROI of 1,761%.

  1. Qualtrics Promoted a Lead-Generating Web Conference

The Organization: Nearly 2 million global users rely on Qualtrics’ enterprise survey platform. They specialize in collecting data and generating insights for customer service, marketing, education, and more.

The Challenge: Qualtrics sponsored CXWeek, a weeklong, web-based event for customer experience professionals. The company needed to target the most relevant audience to drive attendance and generate leads.

How They Did It: Qualtrics ran a Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Updates campaign, testing multiple iterations to find the most effective messaging and visuals. They used job title and company filtering capabilities to ensure the campaign reached professionals in the customer experience field. They were able to focus their campaign on the right people by using job titles and company types as filtering criteria.

The Results: CXWeek was a well-attended event, generating leads for Qualtrics and establishing their thought leadership in the customer experience space. The event was so successful that Qualtrics is now running similar webinars for professionals in other fields. Learn how Qualtrics made it happen by checking out our recorded webinar, How Qualtrics is Killing It with Lead Generation on LinkedIn.

  1. Queens School of Business Drives Traffic and Generates Leads

The Company: Queen’s School of Business (QSB) is one of the world’s premier business schools. QSB is renowned for exceptional programs, outstanding faculty and research, and the quality of its graduates.

The Challenge: QSB needed to generate leads for its Executive M.B.A. program. To attract the attention of qualified candidates, QSB strived to raise awareness of QSB Insight, the school’s thought leadership platform, while also increasing attendance at its Executive Education faculty webinars.

How They Did It: QSB used both LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and InMail. QSB’s Sponsored Updates promoted content from QSB Insight, the school’s thought leadership platform, while also raising awareness for upcoming webinars. At the same time, QSB sent Sponsored InMail messages to drive attendance for information sessions on degree programs.

The Results: Advertising on LinkedIn allowed QSB to reach a new audience of prospective students. Using Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail, QSB saw a 300% spike in traffic to QSB insight. QSB also saw a 60% increase in webinar attendance, and generated 450 new leads for the Executive M.B.A. program.

Whether you need to promote a specific program, drive attendance to an event, or just capture the right audience for a campaign, these success stories show that Sponsored InMail can help drive the results you’re looking for.

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