Becoming a Hybrid Marketer: Extend Your Reach with These Pay Per Click Resources

June 21, 2015


Editor’s Note: This post is part of an ongoing series in 2015 in which we provide B2B marketers with skillset development resources that can help them advance their careers. In our last post, we compiled a list of lead-nurturing resources to help you master full-funnel marketing. In this post, we provide resources to help you implement and optimize pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

To some marketers, pay per click seems like the marketing equivalent of Baccarat. If you are not familiar with Baccarat, it’s a complicated game that requires elaborate strategizing and constant monitoring. Carelessness can cause you to burn through your budget with little to show for it, which is why many avoid it. If you have a solid B2B marketing strategy and SEO plan, you may wonder if you need PPC at all.

According to Google, though, every dollar spent on AdWords results in two dollars of revenue, which is a far better return on investment than you’ll find in the Baccarat room at the casino. Once you understand the basics of PPC, the gambling comparisons stop and it’s easy to see how this skillset fits into the hybrid marketer’s toolkit. It may not be the right tool for every situation, but it can be a powerful way to reach your target audience and give your business momentum.

The following resources provide an overview of how to implement a PPC campaign, strategies for optimizing campaigns, and advanced tactics to get the most out of your PPC budget.


If you are just getting started with PPC, these articles detail the nuts and bolts of creating and implementing a campaign. Read them to establish a firm, practical foundation you can expand on with experience.

  1. Pay Per Click Management Explained: How PPC Fits into Your Internet Marketing Strategy The PPC experts at Portent, Inc. provide a solid overview of best practices, starting with the pros and cons of PPC and the situations in which it’s the most effective tool to use. They also expand on preparing a PPC budget and calculating what you should bid for keywords.
  1. PPC 101 Wordstream’s knowledge hub dives deep into every aspect of creating and monitoring a PPC campaign, from picking the most effective keywords to getting the most out of your cost per click (CPC) to optimizing your conversion rate. It’s a great beginner’s guide for those who want a little intermediate strategy thrown into the mix.
  1. Top 5 Pay Per Click Optimization Tactics Before you commit your ad budget on your first PPC campaign, take a look at this brief checklist to make sure you’ve covered all your bases for optimizing your click-through rate (CTR).


Now that you know your CTR from your CPC, these resources can help you further refine your PPC campaigns with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

  1. 50 Strategies to Enhance Click-Through Rate Via PPC Advertising These tactics from Que Commerce CEO and Founder Justin Croxton can help set up your campaigns for success from the get go. Croxton uncovers optimization potential at every stage of the process, from pre-campaign planning to post-launch testing and refining.
  1. Powerful PPC Tactics That Get You Leads Surefire Social Founder and CEO Chris Marentis takes the road less traveled to PPC optimization in this SlideShare, focusing on tips and strategies that are often overlooked.

  1. The Top 10 Best PPC Hacks…Ever! Wordstream founder Larry Kim just might live up to this piece’s superlative title with these 10 AdWords strategies. Find out how to improve your Quality Score, use bid multipliers to optimize your budget, and more.
  1. 7 Awesomely Advanced Ways to Get More from Your PPC Campaigns You won’t find strategies for improving your CPC or CTR in this white paper from WSI. It’s more ambitious than that; WSI shows how to use a PPC campaign to inform and improve on all of your marketing efforts across-the-board.


Once you have run a few campaigns and mastered some general optimization strategies, you can take it to the next level with these resources. These articles focus on specific aspects of PPC campaigns for in-depth strategizing.

  1. 5 Advanced Keyword Analysis Tips for Your PPC Strategy Good keywords are the backbone of a successful PPC campaign. Shane Barker, VP of Digital Marketing at Kamere, details the tools and tips you need to pick the most effective keywords for your campaign.
  1. The Essential In-Depth Overview of PPC Bid Management Frederick Vallaeys was one of the first 500 employees at Google and spent five years as their AdWords Evangelist. He’s currently the CEO of Optmyzr, and brings his AdWords knowledge to this deep dive into the intricacies of managing your keyword bids.
  2. 13 Expert Tips for Mobile PPC Mobile isn’t the next big thing anymore; it’s the current big thing. Maximize your mobile PPC campaign with these tips from gyro’s Search Supervisor Melissa Mackey.

If you know how to initialize, optimize, and maximize your pay per click campaign, it can deliver your messaging to people right when they’re searching for the solution your company provides. With a little know-how and a lot of strategy, you’ll find PPC is a game of skill, not chance.

For additional tips and strategies that can help you connect with your professional audience at the right time, be sure to download the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn.