Introducing "The 2016 LinkedIn Advertising Agency Roundtable"

January 31, 2016

Near the end 2015, I sat down with four marketing agency thought leaders to discuss their outlook for the coming year. Four agency executives took part:

We had a wide-ranging discussion on a host of topics critical to marketers. The panelists dove into the concept of “content shock” and techniques marketers can use to generate engagement with their content. The four talked about the growing necessity of mobile marketing, about the rising importance of paid social media, and why SEO remains an indispensable skill. They also delved into the transformation of the buyer’s journey and how it demands a data-driven approach from marketers. And finally they shared their outlook for 2016 and declared themselves either bulls or bears for the year to come.

You can download the edited transcript of the conversation is the new ebook, “The LinkedIn Advertising Agency Roundtable.” In the meantime, here are some of the highlights of the discussion:

On standing out in content marketing

“It is true there is more information being created than we could ever consume in a lifetime. As the shiny object of “content marketing” starts to permeate in the majority of marketing departments, people are making so much more content, so it is an issue. But even though more companies are publishing, that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. That doesn’t mean you can’t dominate.” – Odden

On content relevancy

“I think the bar is so high for consumption and engagement that it can be challenging to connect with our customer. The notion of relevancy is so important to content marketing going forward, and it’s not what we want to tell the audience, it’s what they need to know to make informed decisions.” -- Kahlow

On generating conversations

“In this age of the customer, where marketers will focus obsessively on conversations and creating conversations that are meaningful to their key audiences, I think the next evolution of content marketing is conversation marketing.” -- Goldstein

On breaking through the clutter

“People are so used to the 15-page white paper, but taking things and visualizing them with that still relevant data makes it so much more palatable for the audience. And it entertains them. Sometimes using things like a comic book for a really dry topic can be a way to bust through the noise.” -- Michnowicz

On predictive analytics

“While there’s considerable buzz about predictive in B2B, the adoption is still very low. And those who have adopted are still looking to prove out some of the usefulness of their investments. So I just think it’s an area that’s going to continue to get mature. We’re going to learn more and also look to data to help give us more insights about our buyers.” – Goldstein

On mobile optimization

“If your site isn’t mobile optimized with all of Google’s algorithms, you’re going to have an issue with search. One of the ways that you’re higher in page rank is actually being mobile optimized.” -- Michnowicz

On the opportunity in big data

There is so much opportunity. I think we are just scratching the surface on it, and we’re just in the first inning, maybe the second inning. And “insights” is exactly right. I think Lee and a couple of other folks have mentioned it. It is about deriving insights from the data. I think that’s one of the biggest missing issues with a lot of the marketers we see. And then right underneath that is attribution. I think data is the next 10 years of B2B digital marketing, and we’re just getting started.” -- Kahlow

On committee buying

But oftentimes in B2B, it’s not one person; it’s a group or a committee that’s tasked with making some of these purchasing decisions. The group is making different decisions; research decisions, evaluation decisions, purchase decisions. We have to be sophisticated enough to actually understand what the buying experience is really like in an organization. Is it one person? Is it a group of people? Who is actually influencing who, and what can we do to be a part of that conversation to be influential in the research and decision making process? -- Odden

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