LinkedIn Presents the Future: B2B Marketing Edition

December 10, 2017

Future of B2B Marketing

Editor’s Note: “LinkedIn Presents the Future: B2B Marketing Edition” is the third video in our LinkedIn Presents the future series; the previous videos can be viewed here and here.

In the not so distant past, B2B marketing consisted of print ads, direct mail, and trade shows. Maybe, if you were IBM and Xerox, you could budget some TV spots.

Now the Internet has expanded the communications options for B2B marketers. Those communication options are only going to get more expansive in the future.

To get a clear picture of this B2B marketing future, we turned on a video camera and asked a cross-section of thought leaders in the industry what they were preparing for. In the resulting video, "LinkedIn Presents the Future: B2B Marketing Edition," Bernie Borges, CMO, Vengreso, said to watch artificial intelligence. Ian Cleary, Founder of RazorSocial, sees power in chatbots. And Margaret Molloy, CMO of Siegel + Gale, said communications must become simpler to break through.

Here are some other thoughts from influencers about the future of B2B Marketing:  

One thing about B2B marketing is the target audience's change has gotten younger and it's more and more the millennial market and marketers don't really realize that in a lot of places. — Mary Matyas, SVP-Client Solutions, Performics
I’m on the creative side of the business, I kind of grew up in that and I love creative, but I got to admit the exciting thing right now, it’s the people are putting the data together and starting to figure out what works and actually watch it happen. — Doug Kessler, Creative Director, Velocity Partners
More and more I’m thinking that the future of B2B marketing will be built around the cumulative value of the brands of employees.” — Mark Schaefer, Executive Director, Schaefer Marketing Solutions

For a look at what other B2B marketing thought leaders, such as Michael Brenner, Heidi Cohen, Tim Washer, Ann Handley, Tom Goodwin, and Mel Carson, had to say about the B2B future, watch the brief video, “LinkedIn Presents the Future: B2B Marketing Edition.”

LinkedIn Presents the Future: B2B Marketing Edition

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