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Issue 3 is out today – essential reading for any marketer looking to tell more compelling stories

May 23, 2018

Issue 3 of The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly is out today

We're excited to launch Issue 3 of The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly. Our latest issue explores how storytelling came to be such an important theme in modern marketing. We explore what storytelling is – and what it isn’t, reveal the neuroscience that explains why stories are so influential, and set out the structures and strategies that can help any marketer find the right story to tell.

And that’s not all. We’ll be mixing our unique insight on storytelling strategies with all of the practical advice and fresh perspectives that you’d expect from The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly. Explore the magazine online, to discover:

  • Brian Solis on how storytelling can save Marketing
  • Seth Godin on the crucial difference between stories and anecdotes
  • The 7 plots of stories – and how to know if you’re using the
  • The framework for more effective B2B storytelling
  • The Oscar-winning movies every marketer should learn from


  • The 50 best blogs for B2B marketers
  • The crucial difference between content marketing strategy and content marketing tactics
  • How to make a great B2B video
  • Top bidding tips for LinkedIn campaigns

The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly is the magazine by B2B marketers, for B2B marketers and we’re really excited to share it with you again. Click here to read now.