Revealed at last: The Secret Code for Successful Content

Our new eBook uncovers The DNA Behind the World’s Most Successful Content

July 20, 2017

content strategy

What makes some content fly in terms of reach, buzz and influence while other content struggles to make an impact at all? Is it the subject matter? The catchy headlines? The right format? What should you be creating content about – and how can you make sure that content hits home?

With so many variables determining the success of content on social media it can seem an impossible task to unravel the formula for success. But that’s exactly what groundbreaking new research from LinkedIn and Buzzsumo has done. It took in-depth analysis of the 400,000 most shared posts across 10 different sectors and every major social network – but it was worth it. We can finally reveal The DNA Behind the World’s Most Successful Content.

Our new eBook is the most extensive content planning resource yet created. We’ve crunched the numbers on every variable in the content formula, and carefully compared the characteristics of content that works for different industries and audiences. The result is the most scientific approach yet to determining what types of content succeed for different audiences and different objectives. 

In The DNA Behind the World’s Most Successful Content, you’ll find:

  • The formula for content success in each of 10 different sectors
  • The data on whether long-form or short-form copy works best
  • The characteristics of content that gets shared – and content that ranks highly for search
  • The headlines that grab attention for different audiences
  • The content formats that drive engagement – and those that turn people off

There’s a lot of received wisdom out there about what makes content successful. An awful lot of that advice is based on guesswork and assumptions – in particular, the assumption that what works for one sector will work just as well for another.

We felt that content planners deserved better. They deserved some robust science about what’s proven to work for their audience and what isn’t. The DNA Behind the World’s Most Successful Content is where you can find that science. It’s designed to help you find the right formula for you – specific to your sector and the objectives you’re aiming for.

Download the eBook and start putting the science behind your content strategy.