LinkedIn Dynamic Ads: Deliver Personalized Messages to Engage Your Audience

June 26, 2016

Successful digital marketers know that when it comes to connecting with customers, the relevancy of their messages can make or break the performance of their campaigns. As competition for consumer attention continues to increase, marketers are more focused than ever on personalizing creative for ads and other creative assets to ensure their message resonates with the audiences that matter most to their business.

To embrace these trends and help the brands that trust us to drive engagement with our network of more than 430 million professionals, we are excited to announce that this month we’re rolling out rebuilt and redesigned LinkedIn Dynamic Ads. The new designs (examples below) will feature a cleaner look and feel, and prominently placed calls to action and images to help advertisers drive the right engagement with the right audiences.   

For those who are new to advertising on LinkedIn, you can use Dynamic Ads to deliver personalized messages to your target audience using creative designed for delivery on Advertisers use this native ad format to create customized creative templates that dynamically populate with profile images and relevant content based on the skills, interests, and career history of the individual member viewing the ad. The content itself is also targeted and optimized based on the contextual elements of the page being viewed, such as companies mentioned.

Dynamic Ads can be used to achieve a range of advertising objectives. To name just a few, advertisers can use Dynamic Ads to drive website conversions, new followers to their LinkedIn Company Page, or showcase job opportunities. As depicted below, you can choose to have your creative automatically populated with your company logo and / or the profile image of the LinkedIn member viewing the ad to drive engagement and prompt action.

Drive LinkedIn members to your website and landing pages to learn more about your brand, sign up for an event or take an action.

Showcase job opportunities to qualified candidates based on career history and profile.

Drive more followers to your LinkedIn Company and Showcase Pages (Expected in Q3-2016).

Here are just a few examples of how customers are using Dynamic Ads, personalized with images, skills, and interests drawn from LinkedIn member profiles, to achieve specific objectives: 

  • CA Technologies used Dynamic Ads to promote their enterprise software solutions and drive white paper downloads (11.3% conversion rate) and a cost per action that was 68% lower than other social channels used during the campaign.

  • ESCP Business School used a Dynamic Ads campaign to deliver more than 2 million impressions to potential students translating into more than 40 enrollments in less than a month, at a conversion rate that was 2X higher than their average.

  • Seed Equity drove a 1,205% increase in new inventor sign ups, 43% increase in Company Page followers and expanded their member base into 33 new countries.

  • The US Chamber of Commerce used Dynamic Ads to attract more than 700 attendees to their Annual Aviation Summit with an 83% higher CTR when compared to IAB standard display advertising campaigns.

Beyond the new designs rolling out this month, we are planning to introduce a range of further enhancements in the coming months. To start, we plan to release a new format (pictured above) that will allow advertisers to include custom background imagery and better integrate their brand in the designs. We are also exploring the dynamic integration of relevant content, and ways to encourage engagement between users.

Learn more about LinkedIn Dynamic Ads here.