LinkedIn Pages Have New Powers!

February 12, 2019

You may have heard that we recently launched LinkedIn Pages – the next generation of LinkedIn Company Pages. Pages was rebuilt from the ground-up and given a whole new set of superpowers so that you can level-up your engagement with LinkedIn’s professional community and declare your place on the world's professional network.

So what’s new, you ask?

Well, one of the awesome tools we’ve added is called Content Suggestions. If you’re a content marketer, like I am, this is going to become your superpower. It allows you to select an audience (from the all LinkedIn members to Page Followers or Employees) and immediately displays what topics are trending for that community. Click on one of those topics and, like x-ray vision, you can see through to the most engaging articles.

It doesn’t end here.

You can also use Content Suggestions to learn more about your community of Followers and answer those burning questions like:

  • What is my community interested in?
  • Am I posting content that matches their interests?
  • What can I re-share that my community will engage with?

So we can all be Content Strategists now…..!

That’s cool, but what else have you added?

Only a little thing called Page Analytics -  but not as you know it! Any Social Media Manager worth their Insta password will tell you that it’s not just the number of Followers that counts, but the “right kind” of Followers matter too.

This is where our supercharged Page Analytics really start to flex those Clark Kent muscles. You can use Follower Analytics to know more about the demographics of your biggest fans.  While Visitor Analytics can quickly show you the number of visitors to your Page, and the change in visitation over a selected timeframe. Even more helpful, is the deeper understanding of their interests you glean by filtering the data to the section of your Page these visitors are going to.

Knowing what attracts visitors to your Page informs where you should spend time updating and uploading content in the future.

Do you need to be a superhero to use Pages? No

To all of you who are “greatly genetically enhanced”, I really think you should be doing something more productive like saving lives. For the rest of us marketers that aren’t so deeply familiar with spandex, I have a cheat way to get the most from the new Pages powers.

It’s called the Pages Toolkit.  

Or as I like to call it, a tin of Popeye spinach. This contains six short, easy-to-follow guides covering:

  • A Checklist for the Perfect Update
  • A Campaign Optimisation Guide
  • How to use Content Suggestions
  • How to get the most out of Pages Analytics
  • How to set-up a Page
  • Everything you need to know about Pages

And if you’re lucky enough to be based in Australia, India or Southeast Asia you’ll also get 10 examples of exceptional LinkedIn Pages for your market.

“ With great power comes great responsibility,” so go make Pages do some good for you.