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Sample content shared in the feed which utilizes images.

Always try to include an image, link or video in your posts. Images generally result in a 2x higher comment rate. We’ve seen custom image collages (3-4 custom images in one post) perform especially well for organizations.

Sample of Video in LinkedIn Feed

Less is more: Aim for 1-2 minutes and be sure to capture attention with the first few seconds. 

Add subtitles: Many users will be watching with the sound off, so consider adding titles and graphics to help them follow along.

Make it authentic: Focus on unique and authentic video, not overly-produced.

Try LinkedIn Live: On average, live video generates 24x more comments than regular video on LinkedIn. To apply for access, fill out our online application.

Have questions? See our help page for the technical details on file formats, length, etc.


Sample of documents in LinkedIn feed

Use PDFs or  PowerPoints to showcase what makes your brand unique. We’ve found members respond best to behind-the-scenes stories that highlight your unique culture and values. 

See how HubSpot uses documents on LinkedIn to share knowledge and drive results.


sample of LinkedIn Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to expose your brand to a wider audience. Identify hashtags that are top of mind for your organization and add them to your posts when relevant. Associate up to three hashtags with your Page in order to enter the feeds and react and comment from the perspective of your brand. 

Social Notifications side panel on LinkedIn platform

Highlight the best of your brand by re-sharing mentions from employees, executives, and key customers. Find them under your Page’s Activity tab.

Target audience panel on LinkedIn platform

Target your organic LinkedIn Page posts to a specific language, location, region, university, function, seniority, industry, or company size. This is especially useful if you're a global Page with multiple geographic audiences.

Interactive visual which shows content suggestions for trending topics. These can be filtered to help you select those you want to share with your audience.

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Interactive visual which shows a LinkedIn Page admin sharing an employees’ post on LinkedIn.

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Examples of showcase pages linked from a LinkedIn Page.

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