For the first time in the history of media,
you can reach the world’s professionals—all in one place.

LinkedIn is the largest global community of business professionals.

These are the decision-makers, influencers, and leaders of today and tomorrow—precisely the people you want to target.

They come to LinkedIn with purpose and consume a range of professional content.

This includes industry news, expert advice, professional learning, peer insights, and recommendations.

This is a very different mindset and intent from other social media platforms.

And it’s precisely this aspirational mindset that has led to the explosion of content now shared weekly on the LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn is the premier destination for
finding and sharing professional content.

LinkedIn's high-quality data lets you target professional audiences
with greater precision and scale than ever before.

Rich demographic data

Filter by Job Function, Seniority, Company Name, Geography, Industry, and more.

Interest-based filtering

Target members by the LinkedIn Groups they belong to, their field of study, the skills they self identify, and more.

Persona targeting

Reach key segments like Job Searchers, Opinion Leaders, Business Travelers, and more based on member profile data and behavior.

Your own audience data

Match your target account list against the 8M+ LinkedIn Pages to achieve your account-based marketing (ABM) goals.

LinkedIn is the most effective platform
to engage the audiences that matter most.

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