B2C Ads Unpacked: Quick Reference Guide

LinkedIn collaborated with Nielsen to explore the challenge that many B2C marketers face– given the number of possible creative directions, what’s the best way to speak to your target audience?

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The 7 Types of Top-Performing B2C Ads on LinkedIn

Nielsen Ad Effectiveness research analyzed 144 global B2C advertising campaigns on LinkedIn. The story reveals which campaign messaging strategies drive brand results, and why.

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Financial Services B2C Marketing by the Numbers

New Nielsen Media Mix Modeling research shows LinkedIn is a more effective, more efficient brand marketing channel for financial services brands.

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Illustration of tablet with people bubbles connected in a network around it.
bar graph illustration: 75% LinkedIn vs 60% other social platforms
bar graph illustration: 65% LinkedIn vs 43% other social platforms
bar graph illustration: 67% LinkedIn vs 51% other social platforms

After visiting LinkedIn, the same audience is…

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