Announcing The Ultimate Guide to a Content Marketing Career

Introducing a Joint Production Based on Exclusive Data from LinkedIn and Curata

October 19, 2016

Announcing The Ultimate Guide to a Content Marketing Career

There’s never been a better time to be a content marketer. And this new ebook, The Ultimate Guide to a Content Marketing Career, indicates that role of content marketers is poised to grow even more important in the near future.

Jointly produced by LinkedIn and Curata, the new guide is based on detailed analysis of LinkedIn data and data from a Curata survey of about 1,000 marketers to delve into three aspects of the content marketing sector:

  • The state of content marketing
  • The qualifications and capabilities required by the content marketing sector
  • Best practices for great content marketing

The guide also includes insightful interviews with content marketing experts Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs; Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute; and Joe Chernov, Vice President of Marketing, InsightSquared. Read on to find why content marketing departments — as well as current and aspiring content marketers — should be optimistic about the power of content marketing and its future.

The State of Content Marketing

Content marketing has become essential. Almost 90 percent of B2B companies use content marketing, according to survey by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs. Curata found that 75 percent of companies it surveyed this year are “increasing” or “significantly increasing” investment in content marketing. The number of marketing jobs containing the word “content” has increased by 3.4x over the past decade.

LinkedIn data shows that companies are currently hiring content marketers in significant numbers. There are 2.8 times as many content marketing jobs available on LinkedIn as there are product marketing jobs. There are also more content marketing openings than brand marketing openings (5.5 times) or demand generation openings (9.4 times) listed on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn platform itself also shows the ubiquity of content marketing: Over the past two years, the number of companies posting on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Showcase pages has more than doubled and the number of unique posts has more than tripled.

The Qualifications and Capabilities Required by the Content Marketing Sector

Marketers sometimes struggle to produce the content they need. According to Curata’s survey, 41 percent of respondents said the most important skillset missing from the content marketing team is “content creation.” The next most important skillset was content marketing leadership, at 21 percent. In 2016, 42 percent of companies surveyed had an executive responsible for content marketing; by 2017, 51percent of companies will have an executive responsible for content marketing, according to Curata.

LinkedIn data shows that content marketers tend to have skills such as content writing, SEO copywriting, and online journalism in far greater numbers than their marketing peers do. Reporters often possess similar skills, and “The Ultimate Guide to a Content Marketing Career” makes the case that aspiring content marketers should have journalistic skills and content marketing departments can solve some of their issues by hiring marketing with journalism backgrounds.

Best Practices for Great Content Marketing

The final section of the guide outlines six steps, which include identifying your audience, amplifying your content, and measuring, analyzing, and improving your program. The statistics also show that in addition to creating content, effective content marketers can also carefully curate content using ethical guidelines. The bottom line is that even the most skilled content marketers can’t simply start producing or curating content: They must follow a well-defined strategy, develop the content their prospects want, promote that content to the right audience, and measure its impact.  

To boost your content marketing effectiveness, download The Ultimate Guide to a Content Marketing Career today.