Creating a Partner Ecosystem that Drives Innovation for Customers

October 23, 2018

LinkedIn Marketing Partners

Together, we can do more.

This steadfast belief is what drives the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program, and we’ll be celebrating these powerful alliances during Partner Connect 2018 on Tuesday, October 23rd, at the New York Historical Society, with a developer brunch to follow at our office on October 24th.

LinkedIn Partner Connect 2018: What and Why?

We are firmly committed to growing and expanding our global Partner ecosystem, because of its ability to broaden LinkedIn’s capabilities as an advertising platform while, most importantly, delivering more innovation and convenience for customers.

When our partners win, we win. Partner Connect will be a springboard for strengthening these relationships and solidifying this community. During the event, we look forward to showcasing our roadmap, exploring technology-driven advancements, and discussing the successes and challenges our Partners have experienced.

In It Together

We are dedicated to fostering two-way partnerships that offer mutual benefit, which is why we found it important to create Partner Connect as a collaborative summit to meet, shake hands, and discuss feedback and opportunities.

Numerous speakers from LinkedIn and leading companies like Marketo, Sprinklr, HootSuite, and more will be on hand to share their thoughts and visions for the future. Two days full of panels, networking, and presentations promise to propel these partnerships to new heights.

Benefits of Being a LinkedIn Marketing Partner

Our Partners are tapping into LinkedIn’s marketing APIs to enhance and integrate their offerings through the platform. These vendors receive qualifications and become highly appealing to advertisers seeking out their specializations, such as ad technology and marketing analytics.

As such, joining the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program can open new lines of business, and we are eager to work alongside our partners in co-marketing efforts to this end.

At LinkedIn, we’re in it to develop a Partner ecosystem that drives innovation and results for our joint customers. The inaugural Partner Connect event is a big step in this direction, and we can’t wait to see everyone there.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program, and how you can work with or become a Partner, visit the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program homepage.